If you’re looking for a higher quality vehicle but you know you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle, it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. There are plenty of excellent choices you can make when you want a luxury vehicle, but to find one that shows up at a price that’s less than $35,000 can be difficult. Here are a few that you can choose from that can fit this need for you.

Buick LaCrosse – The balance between brands and what they consider luxury is interesting in itself, and the LaCrosse from Buick is an example of a large and impressive sedan that can provide you with an excellent way to have the drive you’re looking for and enjoy the ride. Take a look at this car and see if the full-size quality offers you what you’re looking for. Want something a little larger but still just as affordable? Then opt for the all-new Buick Enclave.

Audi Q3 – You might not think you can have German luxury for the price quoted, but not only can you have what you want, you can choose this compact SUV that will be the right choice for you on the roads you drive. Take a look at the Q3 and let it show you just how impressive it can be with the Audi luxury features and the dynamic driving capabilities you want.

Mercedes-Benz CLA – This is another German luxury machine that fits into your price range and it shows off the classic and recognizable Mercedes-Benz style that makes a huge difference for you on the road. Check out the fuel mileage you’ll enjoy and the quality driving experience offered when you take this car out for a test drive.

Acura RDX – Don’t forget about this luxury brand that offers you the pricing and qualities you want. Acura offers the RDX at a price that’s hard to beat and at a size that might make this the largest vehicle on this list. The RDX has been one of the most popular models on the market for several years and it continues to perform the way you want.

Mercedes-Benz GLA – This brand allows you to have a subcompact crossover SUV that can be the right choice for the drive you want to experience on the roads in your area. Pack in the gear and experience the drive you want in this impressive small SUV that has an engaging suspension and the dynamic drive you’ve been looking for.

Cadillac ATS – As the small sedan from Cadillac, you can enjoy the hard angles and excellent style of this sedan and coupe when you’re looking for the luxury you need. This car is offered at an amazing price to be a value for you that’s filled with the technology and features that you want to have for the drive you’ll make on a daily basis.

Infiniti Q50 – Check out the long smooth lines of this car and let the impressive style carry you away. You’re going to smile when you see this car and won’t be able to stop smiling the more you discover. With excellent fuel mileage and a dynamic driving system, you’ll want to take this car home and let it be the one you enjoy every day.

Audi A3 – When you’re searching for a value offering in the luxury market the A3 is one of the choices you’re going to consider more than any other. This car uses an active and powerful small engine that brings you great fuel mileage. You’ll be amazed by the drive and the quality offered of this sedan when you head out on the roads during a test drive.

Infiniti QX30 – This SUV is small enough that you might think of it as a large sedan. That’s part of the charm of this vehicle that can be the right one for you to take out on the roads for a drive. The smooth lines and Infiniti quality are present from tip to tail in this SUV. You’re going to want to see what the QX30 has to offer when shopping for luxury value.

Lexus NX – Even Lexus gets in on the action of offering a vehicle at an affordable price. The NX has become one of the most popular Lexus vehicles on the market and it allows you to have the drive you want with impressive style and the features that will keep you happy on the road. Take a test drive in the NX and see if it’s the right choice for you.

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