Kia has put a large investment into the Kia Stinger and they want to make sure this new sport sedan is a success right from the start. In order to assist with the awareness and the look you’ll find for the Stinger, Kia is opening a variety of locations where you can see the Stinger without actually heading into the dealership. This allows you to see the car up close and take a look at what it offers without the pressure of a salesperson trying to tell you how much it will cost per month or trying to run your credit report.
These new interactive “Stinger Salons” are being opened in the US to make sure we can enjoy the look and feel of the Stinger in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The idea is to provide a modern and inviting atmosphere that will allow us to learn more about the new Stinger and see what this car can bring. The plan is to have these locations open around the country before the holiday shopping season heads into full swing to help boost our awareness of this new car and bring in the sales they team wants and expects to enjoy.

Where are the Stinger Salons Being Located

The locations for the Stinger Salons will help to create the buzz and the awareness of the car. With that in mind, these salons will be located in Bethesda, MD, Skokie, IL, and White Plains, NY to start with. Additional locations are scheduled to be built and show up in California, Georgia, and Texas. These additional locations will be opened sometime in the first quarter of the next year to allow anyone in those areas to be able to experience the Stinger and see what this car has to offer for themselves.

The Stinger Salon will give the experience that’s similar to a Tesla store but you will still have to see a dealership in order to purchase the Stinger, which one of the on-site specialists at the salon can help you with when you need to see one of these teams. Other brands have offered a similar experience in different areas around the country, BMW being one of them, and this experience allows you to see the car that’s being featured up close in an environment that’s built to make you admire and be completely impressed with the car that’s on display.

The new Stinger is a car that can fill the dreams of many drivers on the road and Kia is working hard to make sure this car is able to offer the speed we want and the driving qualities that will make a lot of sense for us on the road. This excellent car is the one you’ll want when you’re looking for a drive that can make a huge difference when you get behind the wheel. If you’re in the area of one of these Stinger Salons, take a look at what’s offered and how this amazing new car is presented for you to enjoy the ride.

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