As Toyota enters the electric SUV world, you should expect Lexus would follow suit. The first model to offer this will be the Lexus RZ.

This electric SUV should be more powerful than the Toyota model, with a powertrain made of two electric motors good for as much as 300 horsepower. Using the dual-motor layout means the new RZ brings standard AWD that’s been given the clever name of Direct4. If you’ve admired the styling of the Lexus models in the market, you’ll see similar looks arrive in this new SUV that silently gives you sportiness.

This Lexus Brings an Attractive Appearance

You’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off the new 2023 RX450e, which is the first model we anticipate in the lineup for this SUV. This SUV is stunning and chiseled, giving you an EV that shows us the future of Lexus style in a vehicle that doesn’t require a grille. A similar-shaped panel replaces the traditional hourglass grille to remind you of this Lexus signature element without giving you an actual grille where you don’t need one. The Lexus plan for electrification includes seven new EV models, and the RZ is only the first.

Steering the Way, You Want in this Lexus

The new Lexus RZ should offer 300 horsepower, including AWD, and likely wear the 450e badge. This package of attributes mates up with the steering system to give you an easy way to direct and control where this SUV drives. Lexus includes a steer-by-wire system that is standard for this new SUV. A standard circular steering wheel will be part of the mix, but those that want to use a yoke-style wheel can do so by checking off the box for this option.

It Looks a Lot Like the Toyota

The profile view of the Toyota bZ4x and Lexus RZ450e are so similar it’s hard to tell them apart. The spindle grille on the front certainly makes the Lexus stand out from the Toyota model. From the doors rearward, these two models appear the same. The e-TNGA platform is shared not only between these two models but also with the new Subaru Solterra. The RZ should be more sophisticated and unique, making it the luxury model of these three EV SUVs that share the same platform and give us the driving experience desired.

How far Can You Go on a Full Charge?

This has become the question asked for all-electric vehicles. You wonder what the fuel economy offers for gasoline models, but with EVs, it’s driving range. The Lexus RX uses the same 65.6-kWh battery pack as the Toyota model, but this luxury SUV offers an upscale feeling. The driving range should be nearly the same at 225 miles of range. This might sound like a low number, but the first EV models from any brand tend to offer numbers in this range. This is more than enough distance to drive every day without a recharge.

An Upscale Interior Offers the Luxury Elements You Desire

The new RZ brings a more extensive interior than gasoline-powered SUVs in this class. In addition to this added roominess, this SUV has clean lines and a dashboard that removes the buttons and dials from the mix. Most of these controls are added to the infotainment system with a few controls on the steering wheel to ensure you have them within easy reach during your drive. The upscale cabin offers most surfaces wrapped in faux suede or synthetic leather.

How Big is that Screen?

The large central infotainment screen measures 14.0-inches to give you a touchscreen that is easy to see and read. The driver can interact with this system through touch interactions and voice commands. You’ll also find a digital gauge display in front of the steering wheel and a head-up display to give you the readings you want. The Lexus RZ delivers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to provide you with the connectivity you want to enjoy. This is an infotainment system that fits this luxury SUV perfectly.

Expect Excellent Safety Items in this Lexus

The RZ shows up with a full suite of standard driver-assistance items that keep you safely away from other drivers on the road. This package of safety items includes adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, automatic parking, pedestrian detection, and optional blind-spot monitoring. These items should do a fantastic job of keeping you out of trouble while you drive your new Lexus electric SUV.

Will you drive the new 2023 Lexus RZ? Is this the right electric vehicle for you to enjoy the experience on the road? This model will arrive later this year and give us a better idea of the electric future of this luxury brand.

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