Mazda has grown to be one of the industry’s leading producers of well-loved SUVs. With compact, crossovers, and full-size models to choose from, Mazda had done a great job catering to the needs of a variety of drivers.

In 2022, consumers will find a great lineup of SUVs to choose from. Along with the Mazda CX-5, customers can look forward to the CX-9, CX-30, and limited MX-30 EV. Today, we’ll be comparing all 2022 Maza SUVs so that you can settle on the best model for your needs.

Mazda CX 5
Mazda CX-5

This redesign crossover will feature eight different trim levels in 2022, each offering standard all-wheel drive comes. The S, S Select, Preferred, Carbon Edition, Premium, Premium Plus, Turbo, and Turbo signature.

Under the hood you can expect to find either a 2.5 L 4-cylinder or a 2.5 L turbo 4-cylinder in the turbocharged trims. Great fuel economy at 24 to 26 MPG makes this a great vehicle for families on the move.

The redesigned exterior features a sleeker build with the classic Mazda feel. Redesigned taillights and a new wheel design are some of the exterior features that bring the  Mazda CX-5 to modern standards. In classic crossover fashion, this CX-5 will still feature that well crafted interior and modest cargo space.

Safety and connectivity features are also a highlight of this model. Features to look forward to including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, and much more. On the dash, drivers will find a standard 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment system. With both Apple and Android auto capabilities, drivers will get their digital fix with the CX-5.

Mazda CX-9
Mazda CX-9

Following the que of the CX-5 and the CX-30, the Mazda CX-9 comes standard with all-wheel drive. Trim levels include the impressive Sport, Touring, the new Touring Plus, Carbon Edition, Grand Touring, and Signature. Each trim offers its own unique features that parallel the model performance and design.

For example, the signature model boasts a beautiful front grill with titanium metallic finish and Nappa leather trim seats for those who command a bit of luxury. Second row captain’s chairs are a nice feature for those wanting that extra bit of comfort. In the 2022 model, the Touring Plus includes great features including a frameless rear-view mirror, black 20-inch wheels, and much more.

Space is slightly improved in the CX-9. The third-row seating offers just enough space for younger passengers. While it isn’t quite enough room to stretch out and get comfortable for long rides, it is the perfect setup for families with young children who don’t necessarily need that last row.

Mazda CX 9
Mazda CX-30

The beautifully built Mazda CX-30 offers a sleek body and serves as a nice unofficial replacement for the now discontinued CX-3.

You’ll still get plenty of great space, comfort, and performance with the CX-30. With a 2.5 L engine touting 186 horsepower, this is a great vehicle for those needing room and the convenience of everyday use.

All models come with all-wheel drive and much like the other models in the SUV lineup, the CX-30 now comes in a Carbon Edition. You’ll also find this CX-30 in trim levels including S, S Select, Preferred, Premium, and Turbo Charged Editions.

The beauty of the exterior is matched by the beauty on the inside of the vehicle as well. On the dash, you’ll find a standard 8.8 in center display which features Mazda Connect and allows you to operate both Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration.

Inside, different interior styling options allow you to customize the CX-30 to your liking. While this model classifies as a rather compact SUV, it’s a bit larger than its predecessor the CX-3. Still, it’s a great vehicle for those looking for a smaller sized crossover.

Mazda MX 30
Mazda MX-30 EV (California)

The MX-30 EV is the lineup’s latest electric vehicle model. It first debuted at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show and is built on the same platform as the now retired 3. Neat features you can find on the MX-30 are rear hinged “freestyle” passenger doors in the rear. These models also feature a really neat two-tone exterior coat, a consistency found in other electric vehicles.

Peek inside and the eco-friendly design continues with a cabin and rear seats that use sustainable materials. The passengers and rear seats feature a very sleek and ergonomic design. The dash itself also offers a really futuristic look thanks to the center console that appears to almost be hovering in place.

Tech highlights include Bose 12-speaker sound system and a heated steering wheel in the only other trim level, the Premium Plus. If you’re eyeing the MX-30, you’ll be lucky if you can snag one of the only 560 copies made. Additionally, this model will only be sold in California.

While its unique features both in and outside of the vehicle are consistent with what you would expect out of an EV, performance has just a bit more of a way to go. Currently, on a full charge oh, the MX-30 EV offers up a range of roughly 100 miles. If you’re literally looking to go the distance, this might not be the best bet for you, at least not in the 2022 Edition.

Which Mazda Is the Best Fit for You?

Mazda’s 2022 SUV live up does a great job offering a variety of trim levels and styling options for every model. When it comes to choosing the best model, focusing on power and size can help you narrow your choice. For those requiring more room, the CX-9 offers ample room both in seating and cargo space.

For those requiring space but want a more compact vehicle, the CX-5 might be a better fit. Get the benefits of a full sized SUV without having that full size construction. Check out the CX-5’s offerings here. Need more space? No problem. Looking ahead, Mazda promises a larger SUV in the 2023 Mazda CX-50. Take a look at what you can expect out of Mazda’s up and coming SUV.



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