Some have reported that Twitter is the most effective social media platform to sell cars, but you have to get it right to have success.

What does getting it right mean? How could you get it wrong and not be effective on Twitter? Actually, there are ways to do things the wrong way, but here are some tips to help you get the most out of Twitter and sell more cars.

The Right Twitter Handle is Like a Handshake

Your introduction to others on Twitter comes through your handle. This is the name you choose for your dealership. The easiest is to use your dealership name and the brands you sell. If you have room, you can add your location, but if your handle is too long, Twitter will shorten it for you. Don’t get too creative but keep relevant information in your handle.

Use Images that Make Sense

The profile photo of the Twitter page for your dealership should be recognizable to your local followers. They should be able to drive by your location and recognize the site they saw on your page. Using relevant images can be an important way for you to use Twitter to sell cars. Let your audience see images they are familiar with on your feed.

Include Your Location to Use Twitter to Sell Cars

You need customers to come to your dealership location, which makes it an important part of the information you want to offer. Some posts should engage the local community but your location should be part of your Twitter bio to ensure those online know where you are. This can also be a great way to connect with other local businesses in your area.

Follow and Engage with Automotive Influencers on Twitter

There are many influencers in the automotive world and they have large followings. Many of those followers could be people in your local area. This relationship could make it possible for you to have the visibility desired to bring more customers to your location. Having an influencer post about your dealership team and the vehicles you sell can be a huge bonus on Twitter when you’re trying to use this platform to sell more cars.

Keep the Most Important Tweet Pinned to the Top

If there is an especially informative tweet that can tell customers a lot about your dealership or the deals you’re offering, you should try to pin this tweet to the top of the page. This ensures your most important tweet is the first one that visitors see when they search for your profile to learn more about your dealership.

Use a Strong and Relevant Bio for Twitter

You only have 160 characters for the bio, use this space wisely. Add relevant hashtags, keywords, and an invitation to customers. Make sure a link to your dealership website is also included to givepotential customers a way to learn more about your dealership. Your bio is extremely important and one of the best tools to help you use Twitter to sell cars. Don’t ignore the bio.

Where Are Your Tweets Redirecting Viewers?

If you have a tweet discussing a specific vehicle, a service special, or a promotion you’re offering at your dealership, you should have a URL that directs the reader to these locations on your website. Don’t use the homepage of your website for all your posts as your default redirect link. The homepage link should be in your bio and not anywhere else within your Twitter feed.

Use Hashtags Properly to Bring Authority to Your Tweets

Some people think adding thirty hashtags to a post is acceptable, but reports have told us that no more than nine is what you need. When you go over nine, you begin to lose the impact of the hashtags,and fewer than nine leaves something to be desired. Create hashtags that are relevant to your dealership, the brand, the location, and themodels being sold. You want these items to be impactful for your dealership, use them properly.

Engage in the Conversation to Use Twitter to Sell Cars

Twitter is a social media platform and your car dealership team must engage in the social aspect of this platform to make the most of it. Engage your followers, enjoy the conversation, and respond to questions or comments that you see on your tweets. This will give your customers the feeling of getting to know you and your dealership team a little better before coming to your location.

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