Using Instagram Ads could be a great way to get your dealership in front of a large audience when you want to engage and grow on social media.

Do you have vehicles to sell? Are you offering services and maintenance programs at your location? Are you proud of the look and environment your dealership offers? If any of these questions were answered with “yes” then you should be using Instagram and the Ads feature to reach more customers.

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram

Just like any other social media platform, you need to know how Instagram works to get the most out of it. You could simply have a free account for your dealership, but when you want to reach more customers through your social feeds, you should be using the Ads feature of this platform.

Images are the Key to Success

As the name suggests, if you want the most success in using Instagram Ads, you must think if the images that you’re offering your potential customers. This network is visual-driven and uses images to bring people into the fold. Whether you’re offering still pictures or videos you need to consider the look and presentation of your imagery to the rest of the users online that will be viewing what you have to offer.

Be Unique

Every car dealership offers images of the cars they have for sale and a few smiling customers after the sale. While this is an essential part of your advertising, you should find something unique to offer your audience that will make them stop scrolling and want to see your ad versus another dealership. This could be an adventure scene with the car in the foreground or it could be a family enjoying a day at the part with their new car.

Offer Great Local Content Through Your Instagram Ads

Your car dealership is a physical and local place that serves a limited radius of shoppers. Another great way to get users to view your ads is to show them something familiar to them. Are there landmarks in the area that seem to be the talk of the town? Is there a new hot spot where many are going to hang out on the weekend? These places could be the perfect background for a photo shoot for the vehicles you offer for sale.

Have You Optimized Your Instagram Profile

Great content needs to be associated with an account that is easy to navigate. Make sure your bio has relevant information including the company name, address, phone number, and a link to the website. Your logo should be the profile picture to make it easy for users to associate your content with your location.

Bring Out the Hashtags

Part of the success you’ll find with Instagram Ads will come through the hashtags you use. This is similar to using keywords in written content, but with Instagram, you’re using images and videos. Try to come up with nine hashtags for every ad and use a mixture of unique and standard hashtags to ensure your customers can find your content easily.

Review the Competition

You need to know what you’re up against and if you’re new to Instagram Ads, you might need to learn what could work for your dealership. Review competitor profiles and ads to see what they are offering. You can answer questions that will help you decide what you like and don’t like about their posts to make sure your posts and ads contain the relevant content that you’re ready to offer to your customer base.

Set Attainable Goals for Your Instagram Ads

It’s important to have clear goals for your advertising and work toward those goals through your posts. Do you want more followers? Are you trying to build awareness for your dealership? There are tools you can use to help you measure how impactful your Instagram Ads are and whether or not they are offering you the support you need to ensure you’re getting leads from this social media platform.

Get Started with the Right Instagram Ads

Now that you know more about what you need to have success on Instagram with the advertising for your dealership, it’s time to get started. Build your profile, invite followers, learn about the Ads feature, and enjoy the success that comes with the engagement offered by this platform. Your dealership needs to be active and visible on Instagram; you can get started today and see results very soon.

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