Whether you’re looking for an EV company to invest in or you’re simply wondering about the future of Tesla, we’re here to tell you.

Much like other automakers, Tesla is facing a production delay caused by the semiconductor shortage, but once that issue is resolved, we expect the Tesla brand to charge forward with many of the planks that are already in the works.

Currently, Tesla sells only four models, which are the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, but several more vehicles are planned for this electric vehicle company to give us a greater variety of cars and trucks that we can drive.

The Cybertruck is Coming Next

We’ve been waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck to make its appearance in the automotive world for more than two years. In true Elon Musk fashion, this ruck was revealed during an event in 2019 to give us a look at a truck that could offer unconventional design elements that some admire and others abhor. Looking like something out of a video game, the Cybertruck has already secured more than 500,000 preorders which makes it an interesting vehicle for the future. This truck is expected to offer three motor configurations and up to 500 miles of driving range.

We Should See the Roadster Soon

Another model that’s been unveiled and that we’ve been waiting for is the Tesla Roadster. This sports car was shown off in 2017 and originally had a launch date of 2020. This car was supposed to be the fastest production car ever made, but production has been so slow that it’s hard to say if that will be the case.

The future of Tesla is tied to when this car arrives, and this car might be one that brings in the most profits when it arrives but will likely also be the car that is sold in the fewest numbers.

Entering the Commercial World with a Semi

Tesla has been working on a class 8 truck, called the Tesla Semi, which will give us an electric vehicle that can haul the trailer that needs to head to the store to refill the shelves with products. Semi-trucks are some of the most polluting vehicles on the road, and they log the most miles.

If Tesla can successfully give us a semi that will drive on the long haul routes and run on electricity, it could change much of what we experience with our global delivery system.

Tesla is Working on a Cheaper Car

The stated goal from Elon Musk is to create a car that will wear a price of $25,000 per car. This car will likely be a compact EV that might be offered in other countries before ever being part of the US market. The plan is to develop this car in China, where more EVs are bought than any other country, before sending it around the world.

If Tesla can learn from the production delays faced during the development of the Model 3, they have a chance at capturing a large part of the market with a car that will cost $25,000.

the Cyberquad will Make the Truck more Fun

We saw the reveal of the Cyberquad hit the scene at the same time as the Cybertruck, giving us a pairing that could be a ton of fun, especially out on the trails and in the wilderness. This could be a fun and active vehicle that would attract more buyers to buy both the truck and the ATV at the same time.

To date, there isn’t any pricing, launch date, or specs for the Cyberquad, but you can see how this vehicle is to be used and enjoyed. It might even share a platform with the gas-powered Yamaha Raptor ATV.

We Might See a New Delivery Van from Tesla

The future of Tesla is certainly to enter the commercial vehicle market, and part of that could be to try and replace the delivery vans that we see many companies using to bring packages and items to the neighborhoods around town.

Will we see UPS drivers in a new Tesla van in the future? Are there going to be Tesla vans used to replace the USPS mail delivery vehicles? We don’t know for sure yet, but this is certainly a good idea.

What are Some of the Challenges Facing Tesla?

There are many questions being asked that will tell us more about whether or not Tesla will be successful with the six new models that will be part of the offerings from this country in the future.

Will the Cybertruck be a Hit or a Flop?

Tesla hasn’t brought us a vehicle that’s nearly as polarizing as the Cybertruck before. Will this big truck be worth the money? Will this truck become a success, or will it be one that Tesla has to change just to be sold? Right now, this truck is only in reserve with refundable deposits, which doesn’t mean it will be ordered.

When Will the New U. S. Factory Open?

A new factory is in the works to be built in the Austin, Texas area, which will be the second assembly plant in the United States. This plant will employ at least 5,000 workers and be a place where the Cybertruck, Model Y, and Model 3 will all be built and distributed to the East Coast.

Will Tesla Make Profits?

The vehicles that have been the staple of Tesla have been sold at premium prices and should bring in some profits with the price they carry. Unfortunately, the Model S and Model X are aging and could be passed over by other vehicles soon. The future of Tesla should be built on the back of these two vehicles.

There are always lots of questions when we discuss Tesla, but it seems that the future of this company is strong with many projects in the works. If you were looking for a company to invest in for the long-term or simply looking forward to the new models from this brand, you can feel rather good about the direction Tesla is headed in.

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