Can you picture the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk taking the microphone on stage and performing music in any genre that you choose? That picture alone puts a smile on my face, especially if I thought of Musk trying to bang out some gangster rap, but that’s not what Tesla is trying to accomplish. While it would be amusing to watch the ever forward thinking Musk while he was on stage trying to make the music work for him, the fact is that Tesla is trying to make it easier and better for customers to receive their music stream.

Right now, those customers who use subscription or free services from music services such as Spotify and Pandora can bring their music into their Tesla with them, but what if the Tesla you drive provided you with a music service that you could download on your smartphone or computer and have all three systems connected; car, phone, computer. Not only would it be helpful to have these devices bundled in this way and the enjoyment of the music ever present, but the services provided would be part of the Tesla system which would mean you should never experience an interruption in the service stream.

While this may be a reach for Tesla, it appears the company is in discussions with a variety of music labels to try and figure out how to bring this idea to the fruition of becoming a reality. As with most anything else he’s done with Tesla, Elon Musk has it in his mind that he can do this better than the competition, much the same as how he feels about the cars offers and the serviced provided by Tesla already, making this an idea that we might see take shape in the near future.

Why does Tesla want to offer its own music service in the car you drive? They state the goal of a program like this is to create an exceptional in-car experience to make sure you can listen to the must you want anytime you want to from whatever source you choose. This is an important aspect of having the right choice for you, but with the Tesla music system built in, you might choose the convenience and ease of the system over any other. This will help make sure Tesla continues to provide a unique and amazing experience for you on the roads that you drive.

The idea is to provide a system that has a tiered subscription process, much like what you find with Pandora or Spotify. With this offering, Tesla owners will have what they’re looking for in the right choice of a music feature in the vehicle they want to drive and enjoy out on the road. While we’re not sure if any music labels will ultimately sign with Tesla, the thought of a music label from a car brand is one that sounds like a great idea, especially if they can provide continuous coverage wherever we go.

Until Tesla does come to the market with their own music subscription service we’ll have to sit back and enjoy what we have right now. Tesla is bringing a lot to the table in the future as the work their way toward becoming a brand that can mass produce its vehicles. Maybe, just maybe, they will have a Tesla brand music subscription and some Elon Musk compilation songs for us to enjoy at some point in the future.

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