Everywhere you look, you’ll find an SUV driving around on the road. These vehicles are now more common than sedans. If you’re looking for your next ride and you want it to be reliable, affordable, versatile, and capable, consider the list of used SUVs offered in the market.
You’re going to be amazed by the impressive array of options you’ll find among compact and midsize crossover SUVs that can give you the ideal vehicle for your time on the road.

Chevy Equinox

The Equinox has been around for a long time, and it has a proven track record of affordability on the road. When you’re searching for a compact crossover that can give you the smooth drive and versatility you’re after. If you need two rows of seats with room for five people to sit and enjoy the ride, this is an SUV that gives you that size and comfort you’re looking for.
Check out some of Chevy Equinox models from 2012-2015, and you’re going to find a strong package of equipment and an SUV that gives you the capability you’re looking for on the road.

Nissan Kicks

Go small in the Nissan Kicks, and you’ll have a vehicle that does a lot more than you would ever think it could. Among the used SUVs you’ll find, the Kicks is barely larger than some of the hatchbacks and small sedans on the road. This SUV does sit higher than those other vehicles, and it has the versatility to give you an expanded cargo area in the rear.
The Nissan Kicks has not been offered in the market for very many years. Even so, you could reach back a few years and find one that has the price you’re looking for.

Mazda CX-5

When you’re trying to find a vehicle that gives you the affordability and reliability you desire while also searching for something that’s attractive and easy to drive, the Mazda CX-5 is right for you. This is an SUV that gives you a glorious ride with the active dynamics of the drive system.
You can’t go wrong with a CX-5 from any generation, but we suggest looking in the 2014-2017 range to find the model that gives you the tech and the features you want.

GMC Terrain

True rugged looks and a premium quality are put together in the GMC Terrain. This is a vehicle offered to take you on the light trails and offer you an excellent drive to where you want to go. When you’re ready for a higher class of used SUVs, you’ll be pleased to take a drive in a vehicle that has the look and feel that you desire.
The Terrain has been around for many years, much like the Chevy Equinox, and you can find some great deals if you look back to the 2012-2015 model years.

Chevy Trax

There is one vehicle on this list that is a bit more showy than the rest. The Chevy Trax shows up with bulbous headlights, rounded flanks, and a cartoon-like shape. This SUV looks like fun, and it certainly can be. When you see the affordable price of a used model, you’ll be glad to have this subcompact crossover that can take you wherever you want to go.
We suggest finding the Trax from the 2016-2018 model years to get the best deal and have a strong package of equipment for your drive.

Nissan Rogue

One of the most popular used SUVs you’re going to find is the Nissan Rogue. This compact crossover has been trusted for many years and continues to be an impressive vehicle to drive whenever you need to head out on the road. If you’re looking for a small vehicle with a big heart, you’re going to love everything about the Rogue.
For the Nissan Rogue, you may want to look at models prior to 2019 to find the best deals and have a nice list of safety tech that can help you during your drive.

Mazda CX-3

A subcompact Mazda is a vehicle that can easily be fun, active, energetic, and playful on the road. The CX-3 is the perfect blend of compact size and SUV capability to give you a vehicle that rides right and brings you the feeling you’re looking for. When you need to carry some gear, this little ute can get it done, but you’re truly going to love the way it drives.
If you’re looking for affordability and low miles for the Mazda CX-3, you’ll find what you want in the 2015-2017 model range.

GMC Acadia

One of the most interesting used SUVs you’ll find is the GMC Acadia. Early models of this SUV were classified as full-size vehicles that were large enough to haul a trailer and gave you lots of cargo room in the cabin. Newer generations offer a smaller and more agile build that fits right in the midsize class.
You’ll have to decide which generation of this SUV you want to drive before you can find the right model year. Either way, the GMC Acadia is a tough, rugged, and capable SUV for you to enjoy.

Nissan Rogue Sport

The smaller version of the Nissan Rogue can be the ideal subcompact crossover SUV for your driving experience on the road. This small vehicle has the right amount of power to be capable on every road while being small enough to work in city traffic perfectly. The Rogue Sport offers driving dynamics that make it fun, peppy, and active during your drive.
There have been some model years skipped by the Rogue Sport, but you’ll find a version of this SUV that you want to drive when you look in the 2015-2017 range.
When it’s time to choose your next ride, make it one of these used SUVs. Each of these models has proven itself time and again with reliability, capability, versatility, and dependability. Add the affordability factor to the mix, and you’re going to have an SUV that brings the most important abilities to your daily driving experience.

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