Muammar Gaddafi's Car

Classify this as offbeat if you’d like, but it actually made for some interesting reading. There are several sites dedicated to showing what celebrities and sports stars drive, but have you ever wondered what Muammar Gaddafi drove in his time as Libya’s leader? Probably not, but now that you know that it’s a thing, you’ll want to see it.

It didn’t make for an entire website, but it made for an intriguing article on AutoBlog:

These dictators were absolutely powerful, and absolutely corrupt. More nightmares for their people than rulers, their iron-fisted control gave them the ability to satisfy any wild desire with nearly limitless funds. While they all splurged on luxury goods, cars were a particular passion of many dictators. Cars make a powerful statement to the public about wealth, status and control. It’s how you are presented at ground level to your adoring masses or mortal enemies. A custom luxury car with plenty of armor plating reinforced the specialness and “otherness” of the ruler to friend and foe alike.

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