It should be pretty simple, right? Point your camera, record a video, and share it with the world. That’s video marketing, right? Not at all.

While you do need to record videos and share them online, there’s a lot more to reaching an audience and capturing their attention through the videos that you share online. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ways to help your dealership thrive through video marketing.

Show Off More than Just Your Inventory

We’ve all seen the typical car dealer video with a walk-around of a new vehicle where they talk about all the features and highlights of a vehicle. This is an important part of what you should share, but you need to do much more. Show your team at work, show your service department, take your viewers on a tour of your town, and have fun with your videos.

Add Value for Your Shoppers

Some customers are unaware of their credit situation and what they need to know before applying for financing at your dealership. You can add tips and value to your video marketing by covering this topic and many others. Let your viewers know what they can do to prepare a car for a trade-in, manage their credit score, the differences between types of vehicles, and which vehicle will fit their needs the best.

Highlight Your Pre-Owned Vehicles

Most car dealerships that have new models also have a used vehicle section. Too often, they forget to discuss these vehicles and showcase them as models that could be great for customers to purchase. Add videos of test drives and walkarounds of the pre-owned models to the mix and make it easier for your viewers to see these vehicles that could be right for them to drive.

Create Staff Profiles

Let your shoppers view your team and pick the salesperson that matches them best. This can be done with video staff profiles that are part of your video marketing. A “meet our team” section on your website that is linked to many of your posts on social media gives your shoppers a great way to get to know the person they will work with when they arrive at your dealership.

Always Have a Call-to-Action (CTA) in Your Video Marketing

Every video you offer should include a message that invites viewers to come and see your team. Whether it’s a video about your service department that invites them to take advantage of the services you offer. Always include a CTA in your videos to let your viewers know that you have what they are looking for so they can come and enjoy the products and services at your dealership.

Sales Events Must be Part of the Mix

You have sales events every month, why not make videos that showcase the event? You can make several videos to announce the events, offer the progress of the event, and let your viewers know when the event is going to end. This gives your shoppers a great way to save money, enjoy the celebration, and come in for a great deal.

Videos that Talk About Every Department

There are several departments at your car dealership and your video marketing can showcase all of them. Offer tips on what to do in an accident, when you need to have new tires, signs that your brakes need to be checked, tips to get the most resale value, and some car care tips. These videos allow your dealership to become the trusted source for your audience.

Vary the Length of Your Videos

We don’t always have time to watch a five-minute video. For this reason, your video marketing needs to include both long-form and short-form videos to give you a variety of videos that will appeal to a larger audience. You can quickly answer a question or two for customers or showcase a full test drive in a vehicle that you take in one of the new models that have just arrived on your lot.

Don’t Forget the Customer Testimonials

A written review is certainly helpful when a shopper has had a great experience at your dealership, but this review can be more impactful when it’s offered as a video. Ask your customers to say a few nice words about your dealership and the experience they have had with your team. This allows you to put a more personal touch on your video marketing and share friends and neighbors that have had a wonderful experience at your car dealership.

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