You’ve set up your dealership website to make online car sales possible, but how can you attract more buyers to your site.

You want to take full advantage of part of your customer base that wants to buy everything online, including their cars. To do this, you must get their attention. Here are some great ways to reach them where they spend their time; online.

Make the Most of Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords, you can build your online marketing campaign through the keywords generated that will drive traffic to your site. You can set up a campaign within minutes and optimize various media including text, images, and videos, to bring your content in front of your online audience. Let this tool be a great way for you to connect to those starting their car search online, which is nearly everyone.

Social Media Marketing is a Must

Social media isn’t just for connecting and socializing on a personal level, it’s also an amazing and effective business tool. Use your dealership’s social media accounts to increase your online car sales by engaging your audience and bringing them into your conversation. Make it easy to find what you offer with excellent videos and creative posts that are sure to grab the attention of your shoppers.

Get Connected Online Through Influencer Marketing

Every industry has personalities that are trusted throughout the industry as the people with opinions that matter. These people are called influencers. In the automotive world, there are more influencers than most other industries because of the vast and varied nature of vehicles and what they can do. Get connected with an influencer that can push your name to the top of the list and gain more exposure online for your dealership.

Use Blogging to Your Advantage

Your blog is one place where you can tell the story of your dealership, show a lot of personality, and have your content link to with ease. The blog for your dealership should be a central point on your website where many of your posts link to. Use this tool to help increase your online car sales and tell customers why they should buy a vehicle from your team.

Use Only High-Quality Images

Not only will high-quality images grab the attention of your audience, but they also show the level of professionalism you want to share. The more compelling your images can be the better. Shy away from using only stock vehicle images or ones that were taken at your dealership and give your audience some landmarks they recognize around town as the background to the amazing vehicles you’re offering. This is a great way to get their attention.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-First

Just because more of your audience is shopping online does not mean they aren’t mobile and using devices they can take with them. In fact, more people search on mobile devices today than on stationary computers. Prioritize a mobile-first approach to your marketing and your online car sales will increase. Your website will be easy to see and use from any device that your customers are toting around with them.

Showcase Your Awards and Reviews

Awards are cool to show off and should be part of your website and posts, especially when you receive them, but your customer reviews are the secret sauce. Many people today will not work with any company that doesn’t have a minimum review score they find acceptable. Pay attention to your reviews, showcase some of the best ones, and make sure your score is a true reflection of the amazing car dealership you have to offer your shoppers.

Utilize Email Marketing to Reach Shoppers in Their Time

Even though it’s one of the oldest forms of online marketing, email is still one of the most effective tools for gaining leads and results. Create an email list from current customers for service offerings, ask for email as part of the contact information when a potential customer visits your website, and let email help you increase your online car sales.

Offer Giveaways and Rebates to Online Shoppers

Do you want to increase your online audience, offer a simple giveaway for referrals through a raffle format? Are you looking to gain more attention on your social media posts? Offer a special coupon to a particular platform. Using giveaways and rebates are sure to increase your online audience and gain you the attention you’re looking for so that you can sell cars to the online shoppers in your area.

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