Now that we’re in a world where every successful business has a presence online, you need to know what tools an online marketer needs to use.

With the right tools, you can reach your audience, measure the marketing offered, and create the content that will bring more users to your website. Let’s take a look at the top tools you’ll want in your toolbox when you get started in the online world.

You Must Use Google Analytics

The place you need to start when you want to track the activity on your website is Google Analytics. This is a must-have in your toolbox and it allows you to better understand the users that spend time on your site. The performance of your marketing can be evaluated using this tool. Become an expert at using Google Analytics and let it be the tool that guides your website.

Sprout Social Helps You With Social Media

You’ll use social media to promote your products and services and you must use some tools to control and measure the results of your social media marketing. Your online marketer should use Sprout Social and help them organize the content calendar to ensure social posts are completed on a specified schedule. Put this tool to work and let it be the way you dominate social media.

HubSpot Offers a Variety of Free Tools

Put your online marketing into the toolbox of HubSpot which comes with several free tools to make sure you can stand out online. You can set up web forms, popups, live chats, and include your email marketing campaign. Push all of your data into the free CRM and see how your visitors interact with your content. You can pay for some of the services, but you might not need to.

SEMRush is an Excellent Tool for Digital Marketing

The online marketer you work with will likely implement tools and aspects of SEMRush into your website. This package of tolls offers an in-depth analysis of websites based on a variety of parameters. SEMRush builds a relationship between your social media and SEO while also giving you important information with research for backlinks, keywords, and competitor analysis. This is a great tool to bring you in front of more online users.

Improve Your Documents with

The documents we offer online are usually very boring and don’t offer much more than a place to input information. With, your documents can be multi-dimensional and bring collaboration with other platforms to create live interactive documents that can add digital content as needed. This tool can take the online experience much farther for your visitors and let them have a more memorable experience on your website.

Use Loomly if You Have a Small Team

If your only have one online marketer or a small team, the tools included in Loomly could be right for you. This is an excellent tool to help you be successful with social media marketing. You’ll create calendars, deadlines, and workflow charts to see where each project is along the path from idea to posting. This tool gives you a clean interface that is easy to use and navigate and extremely affordable.

Ahrefs Can Improve Your SEO

No, SEO is not a thing of the past, it’s one of the most important aspects of the Google algorithm that will get your website ranked where you want it. Using Ahrefs gives you a competitive edge with its comprehensive SEO tools with more than 150 million keywords for the U.S. alone. Check out the analysis tools, the content raking strategies, and the Content Gap tool which will identify weaknesses for you.

Put Hootsuite to Work and then Relax

The more social media accounts you have the harder it can be for an online marketer to keep up and stay on top of them all. Thankfully, Hootsuite is made for this dilemma. You can simultaneously handle multiple social media accounts and have your posts show up where you want them with just a few clicks. Respond quickly to followers and check out the incredible reports that will give you the data you need.

Mobilemonkey Brings Your Leads to Your Team

None of the online marketing matters if it doesn’t generate leads for you. Mobilemonkey is the tool you want to bring qualified leads to your dashboard and help you engage with potential customers. This is the tool you want to help you interact with Facebook Messenger, which can be the best way for you to interact with your customers, especially if they are finding you on Facebook Marketplace.

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