Do you have a tight budget? Are you living in the city? Would you like a small car that handles great? Look to the subcompact car class and you’re going to find some of the most dynamic and impressive small vehicles that can be right for your drive. This class delivers peppy cars that are light on their feet and able to give you the versatility you need in a hatchback. Check out these cars today:

1. Honda Fit

The 2020 Honda Fit is a car that ranks at the top of the subcompact car class with a sporty style and an efficient powertrain. This little car can weave in and out of traffic with ease and it brings you a handsome cabin with the configurable rear seats you need. Whether you need to take passengers or gear with you, the Honda Fit can be the car that does the job. Check out the affordable price and the active driving personality of this car when you get ready to drive.

2. Kia Rio

If you love the style of the Kia Optima, but you want a smaller version, the Kia Rio is the car for you. This model gives you an engaging ride, strong reliability scores, and the driving dynamics you’re looking for. The Rio is second in the subcompact class, only behind the Honda Fit, and it can be the sedan that gives you everything you’ve been searching for. Look at the long list of standard features for the Kia Rio along with the fuel mileage rating and take this car for a drive today.

3. Mini Cooper

Mini hasn’t changed the style of the Cooper and that’s one of the things we love about this car. You’ll love to show off the style of the Mini Cooper you drive and know that you can have the feeling you want as you carve up the city streets. Choose the right powertrain, the color you want, and the interior look that makes you smile. It’s easy to let the Mini Cooper become the car that you get excited about when its time to head to work or when you want to enjoy a weekend away from home.

4. Chevrolet Sonic

It could be the final year for the Chevrolet Sonic and you will want to grab this car while you can. Ranked fourth in the subcompact car class, the Sonic comes with the sporty feeling you want and a spacious build to give you the feeling that makes sense when you drive. The Sonica can return 26 city/34 hwy mpg when you take this car on the road. Whether you’re driving in the city or on the highway, this car can be right for you.

5. Toyota Yaris


One of the most practical items in the subcompact car class is the 2020 Toyota Yaris. Fitting in the middle of the pack, the Yaris is agile, gives you a handsome interior, and brings you a long list of user-friendly items for the drive. You can enjoy the Yaris when you have a long commute and want to have 32 city/40 hwy mpg. It’s easy to admire this Toyota when you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that comes with the Toyota name on it.

6. Hyundai Accent

The smallest and most affordable Hyundai model is the Accent which gives you a long list of features that come standard and a great drive. Enjoy this impressive small car and the package of items that can make the drive right for you. The Hyundai Accent can achieve 33 city/41 hwy mpg when you choose the most efficient powertrain for the ride. Overall, the Accent is rated sixth in the list of subcompact models offered in the market.

7. Nissan Versa


For 2020, the Nissan Versa has been completely redesigned to be a small and active car that gives you the feeling you want on the road. Get the Versa and let it become the car that has the drive you want in a sporty model from Nissan. The Versa might not look sporty, but the Nissan team has a habit of adding more energy to their cars. You’ll love the low price and the easy drive when you choose the Nisan Versa as the subcompact model that’s right for you.

8. Mitsubishi Mirage

Look at what the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage has to offer. If you don’t have great expectations of a car, you can easily enjoy what this car brings for your drive. Rated eighth out of ten, the Mirage isn’t going to blow you away, but you can pay a little and get an excellent small hatchback for your drive. The fuel mileage of the Mirage comes in at 36 city/43 hwy mpg to give you the quality ride you’re looking for when its time for the drive that you want every day.

9. Chevrolet Spark

Are you ready to have the maneuverability and quick responses of one of the smallest and most active cars on the road? If so, the Chevrolet Spark could be the car for you. Don’t expect a lot of room, it’s not a big car, but it does have the heart you desire. Priced right and offered with the efficiency you’re looking for; you’ll be pleased to take the Spark for a drive and let it become the little car that has what you’re after.

10. Mini Cooper Clubman

There has to be a car that makes the bottom of every top ten list, but that doesn’t mean the spot is reserved for a bad car. The Mini Cooper Clubman is found in the tenth spot, but it gives you an upscale interior, lively handling, and zippy performance. You could find a lot of joy in this car, but you might not love the style or the lower fuel mileage numbers when compared to other models. You’ll have to make up your own mind about the Mini Cooper Clubman.

Find your subcompact car from among these ten and you should have a great ride on city streets and when you need to head to the highways in your area.

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