CDK Global, dealership software giant, announced plans to sell its digital marketing business, breaking big news to the digital marketing world in June.

The company claims it has decided to focus more on its core automotive software business. The digital marketing portion of the business offers services such as websites, advertising, digital consulting, earned marketing and social products.

The company has said in a Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, that the potential sale includes all assets of its North America advertising segment and portions of its North America retail solutions segment that relates to mobile advertising and website services.

Unit a “Headwind on Growth” says CEO

According to the regulatory filing, CDK’s digital marketing business represented approximately 19 percent of revenue and 13 percent of pretax earnings in the nine months ending March 31st. And revenue for the company’s North American advertising segment fell 18 percent in the third quarter ended March 31. President and CEO Brian Krzanich was quoted as saying that the unit has “continued to be a headwind on total company growth.”

CDK Loses Exclusivity

CDK’s advertising segment took a huge hit when the company lost a key exclusivity agreement with General Motors earlier this year as preferred website provider and manager for Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC dealers. The aforementioned dealers were given the green lights to use approved vendors other than CDK.

Ansira Acquires CDK Digital Marketing

CDK has officially been rebranded as Sincro after being acquired by the global marketing company Ansira. Sincro has a world-class team dedicated to drive performance and build brands. Their company will offer solutions for websites, advertising, digital consulting, earned marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social product lines. They have also created more a more user-centered experience and a platform that is easier to work with as a dealer.

About Ansira

Ansira is all about creating strong relationships for its partners and customers. With so many other competitors in the brand market, it’s extremely hard to gain and keep customers. This is why Ansira creates solutions and experiences to create a great consumer experience that will give it’s clients the edge they need in this tricky market.

CDK Global CEO Speaks

CEO Bryan Krzanich released an official statement saying: “Exiting the Digital Marketing Business allows the management team to focus on building momentum in the core auto software business and to accelerate growth n fiscal year 2010. We believe the Digital Marketing business is an attractive asset for someone who is better positioned to leverage the technology platform and management team that we have built.” he said.

And he goes on to reassure existing customers of their commitment during this transition time: “During this transition period we remain committed to our CDK Digital Marketing Customers, and will continue to support our comprehensive suite of Digital Marketing technologies and services.”

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