When you’re looking to buy your next ride you might want to consider whether or not the one you’re considering is part of the list of most stolen vehicles on the market. If you choose one of these models you’re going to pay more in insurance costs and have a higher likelihood of the vehicle you drive on a daily basis being stolen from you and you left without a ride for a period of time. Here are the ten most stolen models from last year to help you make sure you can avoid these models or simply secure them better should you choose one of them.

Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee – As a pair of capable SUVs that can handle most any job, these two were stolen at a number of 9,245 for the 2016 calendar year. This 2000 model year was the most popular among them and the highest rate of thefts for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee occurred in West Virginia.

Chevrolet Impala – Those thieves searching for an unassuming getaway vehicle found their way to the Impala to the tune of 9,749 units last year. This puts the Impala in ninth place on the list with the most popular model year being the 2008 model. The locations where this vehicle was stolen the most was in Illinois and Michigan.

Toyota Corolla – You might not think of this compact car as one that would make this way to the list, but this car attracted a sticky finger group for the 2016 model year as the most popular year for the theft of this car. A total of 11,989 models were stolen last year to put this car on the list and make it one that you need to secure.

Dodge Full-Size Pickup – At a total of 12,128 models stolen in 2016, Dodge pickup trucks were a popular choice among those with a questionable set of morals. The 2001 model year was the most popular and as a vehicle that you see on the road often and one that can take a boat or a trailer as well, this is a truck that could be used for a large haul by thieves.

Nissan Altima – Here is another unassuming model that wouldn’t be easy to find right away by authorities. There were 12,221 Altima models stolen last year and the 2015 and 2016 model years were the most popular choices for thefts. This Nissan sedan came in second in Florida as the highest rate of thefts for this model in any area.

Toyota Camry – If you’re going to steal a vehicle, why not take one that is one of the most reliable on the market? The Camry was the choice of thieves 16,732 times last year with the 2016 model year being the most popular. This was the most stolen vehicle in Rhode Island and the second most in Virginia and is certainly a vehicle that you can easily see being a choice of thieves.

Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup – In the fourth spot the Chevrolet pickups were chosen an amazing 31,238 times last year, putting a huge gap between the fourth and fifth spots on this list. The 2004 model year was the most likely choice and the states where this vehicle ranked as the highest stolen were many with most of them being in the Great Plaines or Western regions of the country.

Ford Full-Size Pickup – It’s the most popular pickup truck on the market which makes it the most popular among thieves as well. This truck was chosen a total of 32,721 times by thieves and the 2006 model year was the most popular. This truck was stolen the most in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

Honda Civic – The second most popular vehicle among thieves last year was the Honda Civic. This familiar face is one that was lifted from owners 49,547 times last year with the most popular model year being 1998. This was the most stolen vehicle in Arizona, California, Connecticut, and Hawaii and is a choice that would be difficult to find with so many on the roads.

Honda Accord – The most stolen vehicle from 2016 was this midsized sedan. A total of 50,427 times this car was reported as stolen with the most popular model year being 2007. This is a car that has added Smart Key technology to help lower the theft numbers. The Accord was the most stolen vehicle in the original thirteen colonies along with Colorado, Minnesota, and Nevada.

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