Acura NSX: A Hybrid to Be Desired

Acura NSX, a hybrid to be desired.

Attractive sports cars are a dime a dozen. These days, you can barely blink without catching a beautifully designed sports coupe that is engineered for speed, luxury, and the thrill of the ride. Car manufacturers really have to reach down into the depths of their imaginations to pull something out of their hats that hasn’t already been done. They have dig deep to find something that is going to turn someone’s head and keep it turned. The Acura NSX managed to strike many a fancy when it first released, and the second generation is even more eye-catching than its predecessor.

Launched in 1990, the NSX was made available for purchase in the United States under the Acura name but remained a Honda vehicle overseas. It started as a concept car in 1984 for Honda and originally was called the HP-X. Gradually, it evolved into the finely tuned machine it has become today. It was called the NSX as an abbreviation for New Sportscar Experimental. From 1990 to 2002, in the U.S., the NSX was produced under the Acura banner and was then discontinued.

In 2007, five years after the discontinuation, Honda announced that they were going to begin production on the Acura NSX again for the 2010 model year. However, economic problems overruled that decision and they were unable to begin reproduction until 2012 when the new version showed up at the North American International Auto Show as a concept car. They kept some details of the previous version, but now the NSX was meant to stand for New Sports Experience and was manufactured in the United States at Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant.

Three years later, in 2015, Honda/Acura debuted the model that would go on sale for customers at the very same auto show. She proved to be a gorgeous addition to the Acura luxury line, although very little remained from the original version. The newest NSX is a hybrid vehicle, but it is built using an incredibly powerful motor guaranteed to make your driving experience better than it has ever been before. Many drivers hear the term hybrid and it instantly conjures images of a slow, clunky, and cumbersome vehicle that may be environmentally friendly, but isn’t very fun to look at. If it wasn’t Acura’s intention to blow that image out of the water, then the NSX’s appearance is the best unintentional mistake ever!

If you want to talk about a gorgeous vehicle, then the NSX would have to be at the top of the list up for discussion. Acura’s mantra, “Precision Crafted Performance,” was clearly used as the baseline in the overall construction of this vehicle. She is equal parts power and beauty with an incredible capacity for performance. Acura also claims that the vehicle is the first of its kind and they’re not wrong, as it is powered by a trademarked Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive power unit that may not sound very threatening, but picture all five-hundred and seventy-three horses coming up behind you, and you may feel a little differently.

As Acura is committed to luxury, they didn’t skimp when it came to the interior of the car. Each facet of the inside was designed with the driver in mind, from the grip of the wheel to the press of the gas pedal. This is a cockpit, not just a driver’s seat and each seat is manufactured to comfort and cradle the driver through even the most breathtaking and knuckle-whitening drives. From front to back and side to side, the NSX promises to be not only an exhilarating drive but a gorgeous one as well.

Acura has become known for its dedication to quality luxury automobiles, just as their sister company Honda has continued to churn out reliable, affordable, and attractive family-friendly vehicles. The NSX isn’t for your family though, it’s made for the driver’s satisfaction and the passenger’s thrill. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will respond to your every move and make even a Sunday drive a liberating experience, the NSX is definitely the sports car that has been made to exceed your expectations. If you’re one of the many who wants to drive a head-turner, this is the car for you!


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