Many car dealers experience leads that come from online searches. The right SEO strategy can make sure you stay on top of online searches.

As the leading search engine, Google is the standard by which many website developers measure their results. When the SEO strategy is correct, your dealer will be listed on the first or second page when customers search for what you offer.

What is the Google SEO Algorithm?

If we had the answer to this, it would be worth millions to the highest bidder, and then Google would probably change it again. Google frequently changes the SEO algorithm, which can affect the strategy many car dealers have developed, but it’s meant to make the user experience better. This algorithm changes several times a year, which means you need to make sure your SEO team is dynamic and flexible.

SEO Updates for Car Dealers in 2021

While not limited to car dealers, it’s important for you to pay attention to the updates to the Google algorithm and what makes sites rank higher. Core Web Vitals are becoming a huge part of the rankings to make sure the user has the best experience and your website is one that will offer a user what they want during a search.

Upgrade Your SEO Strategy with the Following

Relevant, Engaging Content

When a visitor to your website clicks on your links, they should be taken to pages that make sense. The content written for your site should be concise, easy to read, and full of important information to help a user make a decision. One of the best SEO strategies for car dealers is to make sure the content brings focus to the subject at hand.

Check the User Experience Across All Platforms

Your website should be formatted for all devices, if it’s not, this is where you need to start. Once completed, you need to test it on all platforms, desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet to make sure it presents a consistent feel and the information needed. Using the Core Web Vitals, you can see how your site performs on each platform and make necessary improvements to give your site a higher ranking.

Engage Visitors

How does your website engage visitors? Does it simply present images and paragraphs of text for consumption or does it engage the visitor? It’s important that your website offers surveys, polls, videos, and other engaging ways to interact with users when they are on your site. The longer they are on the site, the more likely they are to come back and eventually buy one of the cars they saw on your web pages.

Test the Page Load Speed

Car dealers often have sites that load slowly because of the number of images and depth of content. Page load speed is important to users and its part of the Core Web Vitals, so it should be important to you as well. Test the speed and see how quickly your pages load. Review your reports and identify ways to improve the load speed to give users the best experience.

Prepare for Increased Mobile and Voice Searches

Voice searches are becoming more popular, especially when people are in their cars and want to search for a location or information. Google Assist and Amazon Alexa continue to increase and improve voice search capabilities which can be sent to mobile devices. Many people are getting away from using laptops and desktops in favor of more versatile solutions such as tablets and smartphones that are easier to take with them.

Upcoming/New –Google Page Experience Update

Car dealers need to pay attention to the most intriguing update for Google which is the page experience update. This update is coming soon and will focus on the user experience of each page and the overall engagement a user can take advantage of on the page. This will likely be one of the leading changes for 2021 to make your website more engaging for every user.

Improved SEO for Car Dealers to Stay on Top

If your website has been at the top of the Google search pages for a long time, you probably want to keep it there. Learn as much as you can about SEO for car dealers in 2021 and make sure your site is ready to provide visitors the experience they want when they see your name at the top of the search. With the right SEO strategy, your site will continue to provide leads in the upcoming year.

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