The coronavirus has hit the economy hard, which means its more important than ever before to take advantage of digital marketing.

Car dealers have often been the last to embrace online shopping, digital interactions, and social media trends, because of the nature of their business. Even so, more car dealers than ever before are embracing these things and it’s making a world of difference during this pandemic.

Ten Great Ways to Use Digital Marketing

1. Connect With Customers on Social Media

You’re on social media, your customers are on social media, shouldn’t your car dealership be on social media as well? Get connected through this media platform and use it as one of the digital marketing tools that will help you connect during the coronavirus pandemic. Your business will benefit and you’ll start to build relationships through your social media accounts.

2. Make Sure You Can Be Found Online

How easy is it to search for your car dealership? Are you on the first or second page of search engines when looking for the car brands you sell in your area? If not, its time to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help improve your ranking. SEO is one of the best digital marketing tools for your business and it can make you more visible to your customers.

3. Invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

With more people at home shopping from their computers, it’s more important than ever to be easy to find with excellent ads through a PPC marketing campaign. Among digital marketing tools, PPC is one of the most effective and efficient when you’ve got a tight digital marketing budget. Make your business show up where your customers are with the right PPC support.

4. Use Keywords to Jump Ahead

Leapfrog your competition with the use of keywords in your SEO content. The Google SERP’s will rank you higher and bring you to the top of the page where your customers will find you. Look into the right keywords to work with your digital marketing to bring you to the front of the line and let your customers see your business. Take advantage of the pandemic by implementing a great keyword strategy.

5. Prepare for a Bounce Back Surge

The coronavirus outbreak should fade over time and that will mean a bit of normalcy will return. You had to be dynamic to prepare your car dealership for doing business during the pandemic, are you ready for normal to return? Use digital marketing through your SEO and social media platforms to show that your dealership is ready to do business and welcome customers now and when the pandemic is over.

6. Make Special Offers Available

Everyone likes to save money and feel like they’re getting a great deal. Show your support for customers who have had a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic by offering special discounts.  Push these offers through the digital marketing of your PPC advertising and make it easy for customers to see that you’re ready to help them save money.

7. Online Reviews Make a Difference

Have you responded to all of the online reviews you’ve received? Do you know whether you have good reviews or bad ones? Another form of engagement with your customers is to respond to these reviews. More customers are looking at reviews and ratings before making a buying decision than ever before. Respond to each review you receive.

8. Be Fluid in Your Business

The pandemic situation we’re dealing with is a fluid one and you need to be ready to pivot and move as a business. You have to respond to regulations that continue to change as well as the needs of your customers. Do the same with your digital platform and let your customers know of any changes that are being made as a response to the current environment.

9. Don’t Follow the Panic

We all saw the hysterical panic that took place when everyone flocked the stores as the coronavirus became a reality in our country. Don’t fall victim to or follow the panic. Use your digital marketing to offer your customers a calm, cool, and careful demeanor online. Your calmness during a crisis might make all the difference to a customer.

10. Finish Your Digital To-Do Lists

Are there things you’ve been putting off that you need to do? Do some of those things involve your online accounts and presence? If so, now is the time to complete your digital marketing to-do list and improve the online look and feel of your dealership. Completing this list will pay off for you in the long run, especially when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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