Have you ever thought about marketing your business on Pinterest? If not, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity in your industry.

This platform allows users to add content to boards with common themes which keeps things organized. It’s easy to open an account and begin sharing content that can be pinned to boards. The key to success with Pinterest is engagement with the community you build.

Build a Following

Similar to any other social media network, you need a following that you build to effectively promote your business. Without followers, you may as well not even be on Pinterest. Here are some great ways to build your list of followers when using this platform:

• Use other social networks to promote your Pinterest page
• Follow accounts that you think will want to follow you back
• Learn from what your competitors are doing
• Use keywords and hashtags in your posts
• Ask for reposts from influencers
• Pay for ads on the platform

Market Your Account the Right Way

There is a difference between marketing your business and simply having a personal account. If you’re attempting to market your business and showcase what you have to offer, you need to do several things a little differently than you would for your personal account.

Use a Business Account

Create a Pinterest business account and reach your audience that will know that your account is for your business and not a personal account. Doing this is free and it will give you access to Pinterest Analytics which is a great tool to help you understand your engagement level. Your profile will show that your account is for a business and you can run ads on this platform from this account, which you can’t do with a personal account.

Place Your Content in the Right Categories

Pinterest is very organized and offers a ton of great categories for users to see what they want when they want it. You may want to steer clear of some of the more generic categories for your content and begin to build your boards in sections that relate to your industry. It’s easy to put your content in the right places and you might find that many of the categories can be used for your information.

Improve the Visual Appeal of Your Content

This is easily one of the most important aspects of marketing on this platform. You’re going to showcase your company through images before users get to the text of your content. Here are some great ways to improve the visual appeal:

• Use branded images without faces
• Share branded videos
• Pay for Pinterest Promoted Video
• Show products being used
• Avoid blank space in your images
• Keep videos short – no more than 90 seconds
• Create specific boards for your images

Use Keywords to Drive your Pinterest Marketing

You want to organically appear in the feeds of other users on this platform and one way to do this is by leveraging keywords. The keywords you use in your SEO marketing can also be used on this platform to promote your products and offer your services.

Hashtags Matter

Another great way to naturally gain a larger following is to use hashtags in your posts. This is easy and a way that makes it possible for you to reach an audience searching for what you have to offer. This also helps to identify content on boards that are specific to your topic. This will help your audience know they are seeing content they have been looking for.

Connect to Other Social Networks

It’s amazing how intertwined various social media networks can be. You can easily share content from your Pinterest business account to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This can be extremely useful when you first start to build your account and work to gain followers that will connect with you and engage with your business. Many users will recognize your name from other platforms and may begin to follow you on Pinterest simply because they follow you in other places.

It’s All About the Engagement

You want followers on your account, one easy way to get them is to follow and engage with other accounts. Target your audience by following them, liking what they post, commenting on their content, re-pinning their content, and responding to comments they put on your content. When your engagement levels are high, you’re going to attract more followers. Use this give and take process to build your audience.

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