There’s a lot more to promoting your brand and becoming a recognizable name on Twitter than simply setting up an account.

You’ve got to do a lot more and be active on this social media platform to ensure you gain the followers you desire and that your account becomes recognizable to those who connect with you. Here are some great ways that you can promote your brand and increase sales.

Stay Current and Stay Locked In

Whatever you’re doing today, becomes old news tomorrow. Twitter is one of the fastest-moving social media sites and you have to realize this fact if you want to be successful. While you don’t have to post every single day, You can retweet, share, and comment on other posts every day. Make sure your social media team is ready and active to put your name at the top of feeds regularly.

Share Positive Press Coverage of Your Brand

Tooting your own horn, or in this case, tweeting it, can go only so far. If an outside new source is sharing positive information about your business, make sure you add this information to your posts. These positive messages can give you the added push needed to help you stand out and be recognized. Your followers are more likely to retweet positive information if it doesn’t come directly from you.

Used Twitter Cards in Your Webpages

People love to have visual messages and content that can give them the visual engagement desired. This is what Twitter Cards are all about. There are five types of cars and they can show your team at work, happy customers, or products you sell with the tweet around them.

The five types of cards you can use are:

• Summary card

• Summary with large image

• Player card

• App card

• Cards markup

It’s pretty easy to enable cars on your website and use these features to present visual elements to your visitors.

Host a Chat on this Platform

Every social media platform offers the capability to enjoy a chat with an expert in a field when they schedule one. You can announce your chat time and date, allow your followers and other users to connect to the chat, and allow questions to be asked that you can answer. This is a great way for new companies and new accounts to engage an audience on this platform.

Build Your Network

Not everyone uses Twitter, but those that do can become part of your network and help you grow your brand and your following. You want to connect with those that can help you and those that you compete with. When you begin to build and promote your brand you need to do the following:

• Find and follow your competitors to see how they are utilizing Twitter

• Connect with influencers and journalists that you may want to work with in the future

• Follow events and conversations that may be interesting to your brand and marketing

Doing these things will help you develop the following you need and create the most effective marketing strategy for this platform. You can find ways to stand out from your competition because you’ll see what they are doing.

Capture Attention Through Humor

Whether your use self-deprecating humor, take shots at your competition in a fun way, or simply tell jokes that make sense to your audience, adding humor is likely to capture the attention of users. This could be the only thing you post for the day and it might be one of the most popular tweets that you have for the entire month.

Be Reliable on this Social Media Platform

Find the tools out there that help you create a social media schedule and stick to it. You are likely using more platforms than just Twitter and you need to know when you should be active and post on this site and when you shouldn’t. You can prepare some tweets ahead of time and do the following:

• Automate your tweets

• Create and stick to a posting schedule

• Schedule time to respond to other tweets every day

As your following grows, more engagement and clicks from your tweets will make it to your website.

Get Verified

That blue checkmark is coveted and one of the most important items that Twitter offers. If you have this checkmark next to your name on this social media, users will know that you’re an authority in your industry and they should respect and consume the content you provide.

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