A pretty common theme for those looking to purchase a new car is for shopping trips being and end with a visit to the local Chevrolet dealer.

Unfortunately, this trip typically isn’t the best part of the trip for most shoppers. It seems that no one particularly enjoys the dealership part of buying a car, so why is it still part of the process?

Many drivers wonder why they can’t just buy a car from Chevrolet directly. Chevy already has a website with all of their vehicles listed and could easily handle direct sales, so why the extra step of visiting a Chevrolet dealer to grab a new Malibu or Silverado?

Even if you don’t enjoy the shopping process, there are still great reasons why auto dealers are still in use. More importantly, if you don’t enjoy shopping for a new car from your Chevrolet dealer, maybe it’s time you find a new dealer.

Let The Pros Handle It

The process of designing and manufacturing a new vehicle and selling that vehicle are two very different industries. Sure, tons of companies attempt to handle manufacturing and sales, but it’s much more difficult to do it all when it comes to cars.

Auto dealers are a lot like fast-food franchises. They essentially sell the same products but might have a different style or price. Ultimately, using a dealership model creates a more streamlined product distribution and higher profits.

Many state and federal laws require that new cars can only be sold by licensed, bonded, and independent dealerships instead of the manufacturer. Since dealerships focus on sales and customer service, you can expect an overall better experience by working with the professionals.

Your Local Chevrolet Dealer Benefits You

Having various independent dealerships is a great way to create competition. It might be burdensome to do all of the legwork required in researching vehicles, prices, and perks, but it’s absolutely worth the work.

Imagine trying to haggle with a manufacturer on the price of a new car or trading in your old one. Haggling may not be fun, but the mere idea of haggling and competition results in lower prices and more competitive perks.

More Than Just Sales

Local auto dealers are more than just retail stores for cars. They also tend to offer additional services. For example, if you need to finance your next SUV, you can avoid shopping at every bank in town for a good loan by going directly through the dealer.

Auto dealers are often equipped with state-of-the-art service centers. These centers are where you can take your car for regular maintenance or major repairs. Many dealers even include complimentary or discounted service appointments as part of their sales package.

The Future Is Bright

Those who dislike taking a trip to their local dealership are in luck. Most dealers are taking steps to create additional options for introverted or busy shoppers. That includes comprehensive online sites that allow shoppers to browse vehicles, apply for financing, and even chat with a live sales advisor from the comfort of home.

There are even some dealerships that allow drivers to complete their entire purchase online. The dealership then delivers the car to the customer’s driveway. Sure, buying a car online isn’t as easy as ordering new car air fresheners from Amazon, but it’s getting easier every day.

Regardless of how you feel about auto dealerships, they serve a critical role in helping you drive away in the car of your dreams.

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