Use this year to create business growth and improve your success with tactics that can be shown to your digital audience.

The exponential expansion of digital media and online tools is incredible.  While none of these are brand new ideas, they are ways that you can be more engaged with your potential customers who want to buy cars from your dealership.

How Will You Stand Apart?

One of the most important and difficult things to try and understand is that you want to stand apart from your competition. Whether that means showcasing different products online, offering a more personal approach, or simply being ahead of the rest of the dealers when it comes to your digital marketing efforts, you want to be the name that your local customers think about. Let’s use ideals that have been around for a while and put a digital spin on them.

Customer Rewards for Loyalty

Social media offers several tools for you to know how engaged your audience is with your content. Create some rewards for those who have been engaged with you on social media for specified periods of time or on various platforms. This could be a discount for the service needed on the vehicle they bought from you or a small prize when they come in and see your team.

Does Your Car Dealership Have a Human Element

People work with you at the car dealership, but how often do your customers see them? Are you only offering vehicle walkarounds in videos or can the public see the face behind the voice? Showcase your team online, in YouTube videos, and in all your social media efforts. Most of us are more comfortable with someone we can easily recognize and your digital platform is a great way to show off your team.

Build a Strong Referral Program

What do you offer to customers that bring you more customers? You can create a fantastic program that rewards your loyal customer base for bringing you to their friends and neighbors. Offer free oil changes, discounts on services, or a discount on the next vehicle purchase to those customers who bring you more business. Advertise your customer loyalty referral programs on your website and across various social media platforms.

How Well Do You Support Your Products?

You’re selling cars, which often come with a warranty from the manufacturer, but how does your dealership support the vehicles that you sell? Do you have a special warranty that you offer? Can you show your customers the best way to keep their vehicles on the road? Use your digital presence to offer videos and information regarding the support you have for the vehicles that you sell every day.

Incentivize Your Staff

It might not be something you want to share publicly, but you can certainly send out emails to let your employees know about the various incentives you offer for their amazing performance. Give them goals to reach in all areas of your business and reward them when they reach these goals. Ensure these incentives have the customers in mind, which should be the major focus of your staff.

Showcase Your Product Knowledge Online

How well do you and your team know the cars you sell? Does the public understand that you are the experts they should trust? This could give you a specific and focused series that you can present to your audience through social media on a weekly basis. Let your audience learn from you as you show them the different features and benefits of the different models you sell.

Build Strong Local Partnerships

Use your digital marketing strategy to showcase the partnership you create with other local businesses. Whether you’re going to partner to offer specials to customers, or want to simply advertise for each other, the benefits of two or more online audiences cannot be argued. More viewers are going to lead to more sales for you and your partners. Find the right business and grow together.

A Modern Approach to Proven Strategies

If you’re looking for a great way to use digital tools to grow your business, you can do this by adding some tried and true processes. Use contests, referrals, customer loyalty programs, partnerships, employee incentives, and product knowledge to show your audience they should work with you. Add all these items to your social media accounts and across your website and let your customers see why they should see your car dealership and buy from you.

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