With the use of so many other forms of communication, is email marketing still an effective strategy for your business?

With a quick check of the spam filter, your email marketing to a potential client could be dead.  Another user might choose to go a step further and unsubscribe from your email list altogether. It’s easy to push emails away from the inbox and to an area where we don’t see them. Why then, do companies still use email marketing? One simple answer; because it still works and works well.

Email is Cheap and Offers Excellent Returns

According to Blueadz.com, “emails have a 4,400 percent return on investment” which is incredible. This means that you can spend a little and get a lot back when it comes to email. Your company can be set up online to capture email addresses and build a list which only needs to be activated to give you the financial returns you’re looking for. With this type of return, it doesn’t seem that email marketing is going away any time soon.

Why Do So Many Feel Email Marketing is Failing?

The feeling might be that emails fail to reach the target audience, but that’s only partially true. When an email list is generically built and companies reach out to random users the process could fail very quickly. However, if an email list is created based on triggered actions by users, there’s a better chance that emails will be read and used.

Another reason many feel that email marketing is failing, or a thing of the past, has to do with the age of this form of marketing. Once the first email was sent, the first advertisement through email was also sent. Not literally, but it certainly didn’t take long for companies to catch on to the fact that they could send out lots of emails all at once and reach a large audience. Thus, came the need for the spam filter.

What Types of Email Should be Sent Out

Unlike social media, you don’t need to send an email to your list every day or even once a week. If you have a company event coming up and want to share this information with your list that makes sense. If you have a great deal that will start next week, share it via email. Offer discount codes and specials through email marketing, but don’t overdo it with a constant barrage of emails to your list.

Do Younger Generations Read Emails?

While nearly everyone is on social media today, even the younger generations use email and use it regularly. They will read their emails every day and respond to those they need to. High School students use email to interact with colleges, college students use email every day in school, and young adults use it to communicate all the time. Reaching a younger audience can still be done with the oldest form of online marketing.

What Makes Email Marketing Great for the Audience?

When you send an email to your list, they have the option to read it right away or review it later when they choose to. This gives your audience the flexibility to look at an email you sent in the morning later that night, or a couple of days later. This can give your email a better chance of being considered because your audience can sit down and consume the marketing at their leisure.

Email Marketing Can Flush Out Your Target Audience

It might sound a bit harsh, but you might not want to send emails to children or those who don’t have money to spend with your company. This is certainly true if you’re running a car dealership or other business where a purchase could mean contracts and thousands of dollars being spent. By creating an email list based on trigger actions, you’ll have a much better chance of sending your information to the people that make the decisions in the household.

Of course, the opposite could be true of companies that sell items that are made for kids and teenagers. With the right email marketing, you have a chance of reaching the target audience that will find a way to ask their parents to take advantage of the amazing deals you have to offer.

Email isn’t Dead, Make it a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

While it’s one of the oldest forms of online communication, email marketing can bring you amazing returns and put your company in front of your target audience in a way that you want. Make sure this marketing is part of your strategy and see just how effective it can be.

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