Part of marketing is advertising and very few spots are as sought after as any marketing time during the annual Super Bowl.

While this championship game will certainly cap off a strange season for the NFL, if we focus on the ads that are going to play, we can see which brands found their way to this big game. These highly-regarded sports are often a huge part of the entertainment as brands work to leave a lasting memory and impression on you.

SuperBowl LV Ads Currently Scheduled

Sometimes there are last-minute changes to the advertising that will be displayed during the Super Bowl, but as of right now, here are the brands that will have commercials for you to enjoy during this game.

Three Spots for Frito-Lay

The premium chip brand that has been making some of our favorite snacks for a long time will have three spots during Super Bowl LV. If you’ve seen any football in the past, you’ll likely recognize the faces that are part of the ads offered by Frito-Lay. Expect to see Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Deion Sanders along with Peyton and Eli Manning who will show up and give us a bit of entertainment during this game. This advertising should pay huge dividends for the Frito-Lay brand and promote some new chips that you might want to try.

The First Spot for Fiverr

Freelancers have grown in huge numbers in the previous years and even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, Fiverr will have a spot to offer its campaign that began in September as a way to focus on being the resource that can match freelancers with the companies that need their services. This company is excited to take advantage of this opportunity.

Pepsi Will Be a Halftime Star

We won’t see the Pepsi brand offer any advertising during the game, but it will be a huge part of the halftime show, which is another major part of every Super Bowl. Pepsi is the major sponsor of this show and features ads during the playoff games leading up to the Super Bow to entice viewers to enjoy the show and remember that Pepsi is the sponsor that brought the show to them.

Mountain Dew is Back in the Super Bowl

Last year, we didn’t have any Super Bowl ads from Mountain Dew, but we will have some this year. We should have an entertaining and interesting ad from this brand, which has been part of the big game for a long time. Remember the Puppy-Monkey-Baby ad, that was Mountain Dew and its energy drink that brought this image to your television.

The M & M Candies Will be on Display

If you like to see the trouble that the M & M candies get into during commercial breaks, you’ll get a chance during the first break in the game. This spot is meant to center around connection, which might be inspiring and give you the idea to do something nice for someone else in your life. Either way, you should be entertained by the candies and the commercial they are in.

Continue to Stack Flavors with Pringles

Another advertising venture you’ll see during the Super Bowl will come from Pringles. The idea of “flavor stacking” with various flavors of chips that work well together was introduced during the Super Bowl in 2018 but continues to be a big hit. We will also see new packaging for this chip brand during its spot this year. You’re sure to enjoy the advertising offered by this famous chip brand.

Another Great Spot for Toyota

One of the largest and most successful advertising campaigns for the Super Bowl comes from Toyota. For the fourth straight year, this company will be a big part of the big game. What they will bring hasn’t been revealed yet, but Toyota has a way of connecting with you while reminding you that their vehicles are safe, reliable, and easy to enjoy on the roads that you travel every day.

More from WeatherTech

Is it officially a streak yet? For the eighth year in a row, WeatherTech will have advertising during the Super Bowl. Get a good look at the different items that you can enjoy from this brand that are durable, indestructible, and attractive. Whether you’re putting rubberized mats in your car or you want to have a dog dish that holds up to the toughest dog stuff, you’ll be glad that WeatherTech offers it and shows you what you want during the Super Bowl.

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