While you might not feel like you want to spend nearly $10,000 for a model that will sit on a shelf behind the desk of your friend or family member, if you run in a crowd of people that can afford to own and drive the Bugatti Chiron, this might seem like a small and necessary item to give as a gift.

The gift you can give is an item that will serve as a constant reminder of the pure perfection and symmetry that powers the newest super powerful model that comes from Bugatti that we love to see and admire.
This new model is a scale version of the engine that provides the churning power of the car that’s already cost you over three million dollars to own. If you own this car it’s a good bet that you have a place in your home, or at least your friend that owns the Chiron does, where you can put a 1:4th scale model of the engine that is in an incredible and amazing car.

This is a smaller scale version of the part of the car that serves as the heartbeat of the vehicle you love so much.

Where is it Offered?

The scale model of the high-end super sports car engine is offered by Amalgam. This is a high-end model car and accessory maker that’s based in the UK to give you the item you want to offer as a gift either for yourself or for a friend or relative. T

his model looks exactly like the quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine and the seven-speed transmission that’s attached to it which are found in the Bugatti Chiron. If we had a 1:4th scale car to put the engine it this might be the perfect item for the drive, but it also serves well as a gorgeous trophy to display at the office.

As the first engine model, this team has put together since 2000, this was certainly a labor of love, intrigue, and commitment. Every detail appears to be intact with the engine offering the highest specifications possible. The engine model measures 18 inches long and nine inches high.

A Design You’ll Love

This model took a full 2,500 hours to design using the Polyurethane prototyping resin, stainless steel, and pewter components. Once designed, it took 220 hours to put this engine together which is made from 1040 individual pieces that have to be put together perfectly.

It may take a lot of space on your shelf or on the desk of a friend, but the detail and perfection this engine model offers are amazing. This item has been built to include the barcodes and labels on every single part, much the same way the actual Chiron engine offers when you take a look at it inside the actual vehicle.

This is the perfect way for you or your friend to enjoy a piece of the car you love at your desk and in your offers to be the accessory that will be a great gift that you can give if you have a gift budget of nearly $10,000.

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