The Honda Sport EV Gives More Questions than Answers

We finally saw the hotly anticipated Honda Sport EV concept make it way across the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show. This car is attractive, and a serious departure from what Honda typically offers for the designs offered, but there wasn’t much information offered regarding what this car would use for power or the range that would be included. As the second concept model to be built from the new platform that’s being used for the Urban EV concept that was offered at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this Sport EV concept leaves us with several questions to consider.
Honda CEO, Takahiro Hachigo gave no details at all to let us know what the specifications, range, release date, or technology this car will have if it ever makes it way to the market. The only specific that was offered is the fact that this car would be offered in Japan first if Honda chooses to make this car a reality. While that does leave us a bit dissatisfied with what the Sport EV will be and how it could be the right choice for anyone to drive because we just don’t know much about it at all.

What We Do Know

Known for such reliable and dependable models as the Honda Accord and Civic, the new Sport EV concept is a mode that shows up with a look that offers a friendly face, supple body surfaces, and a design that could fit into your lifestyle. The overall appearance of this car is a reminder of some of the smaller, cartoon-like sports roadsters we’ve seen on the market in the past. This is a car that could be the fun part of your lifestyle if it ever makes it way to the market and offers you a look that makes it a fun little car to drive.
The Sport EV concept does remind us a bit of the S600 Coupe that was built in the mid-1960s. This new concept has a dramatic fastback roof, more pronounced front fenders, a lower and wider stance, and the qualities that you may want to enjoy on the road. The sleek proportions that were part of the S600 can certainly show up in this new concept if it heads to the production line. Hopefully, this car will make its way to the US market if it’s built, but right now, Honda expects this to be a short-range commuter model that could be suited better for the city and small roads around Japan.
What we can take away from the new Sport EV concept that’s crossed the stage in Tokyo is the beginning of the commitment to a new design language and set of models that will come from Honda. If this car is produced, we’ll get to discuss it further before it ever shows up on our shores and hopefully, we will see this model offered. This is easily one of the most refreshing changes we’ve seen from the designs we’re used to for the drive. Look forward to more from Honda as we continue to see the development of their EV program.

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