Few car brands inspire more loyalty in drivers than Jeep. But, is it enough to withstand the challenges of the current new car market?

To say that the current new car market is crazy is an understatement. Shoppers who want something fresh off the production line have limited options. Most dealerships have limited inventory and are pushing pre-orders to secure sales. While automakers are doing their best to navigate this weird time, some have an advantage that will help them thrive through the storm. That advantage is loyalty.

There’s no better place than a Jeep dealer to better understand brand loyalty.

The Foundation of Allegiance

While many drivers feel some attachment to their current vehicle brand, a good deal and a high user rating might be all that’s needed for these drivers to jump ship. As any Jeep dealer will tell you, Jeep drivers tend to stick with their brand of choice much longer than the average consumer.

Part of the reason the Jeep brand recruits so many loyal followers has to do with its rich history. This vehicle goes all the way back to WWII. Soldiers who were used to amazing vehicles would come home and buy a civilian Jeep (CJ). Word spread like wildfire, and others joined in on the fun.

Of course, Jeep’s reputation for building solid vehicles with plenty of capability, modern technology, and excellent safety scores doesn’t hurt. People know that when they buy a Jeep, it will last, which is why even used Jeeps are super popular.

Jeep has come a long way since its first Jeep Wrangler. Shoppers can now find a variety of options at their local Jeep dealer: daily commuters, off-road adventurers, pickup trucks, and even plug-in hybrids.

What’s a Jeep Dealer To Do?

Jeep dealerships can ride this wave of loyalty to make it through the modern storm of supply line delays and inventory shortages. With the right plan in place, you might even come out on top when other dealers are struggling.

Normalize Pre-Ordering

The idea of pre-ordering a vehicle was almost a foreign concept before the last year or two. Shoppers would stick with what was available at their local dealership or might seek to find something nearby.

Jeep dealers should focus on helping shoppers understand the value of pre-ordering a new Jeep. While this might not feed the need of impatient shoppers, it will appeal to those who don’t want to settle. Pre-ordering allows drivers to get all of the features and add-ons that they want.

Focus on Value

When there is a shortage of vehicles in the market, drivers start looking at ways to keep their rigs running. Those who are forced to buy a new ride want something that is going to last. Jeeps are excellent examples of vehicles that withstand the test of time. Even a used Jeep with tons of miles on it still has plenty of life left to give.

There’s also an opportunity to push service appointments. Jeep owners don’t want to run into issues that will cause them to start shopping in this crazy market. By pushing service appointments, you can get people into your service center and help them keep their Jeeps on the road even longer.

Focus on Community

While some drivers stick with the Jeeps because of their capability and performance, others enjoy being part of the Jeep community. No other brand has as strong of a community as Jeep. Take the “Jeep Wave,” for example. If you’re in a Jeep and another Jeep owner drives by, you must wave. This is an honor that belongs only to Jeep drivers. That’s not to mention the various Jeep meetups and festivals around the country.

Focusing on this community is not only a great way to further strengthen Jeep loyalty, but it can also help bring new drivers into the fold. The gospel according to Jeep is the one tool that Jeep dealers have with which no other dealer can compete.

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