Several trims are offered for the GMC Acadia, which could be the ideal SUV for you to drive every day. This SUV fits in the midsize class as one of the three-row models that’s a little on the smaller side of things but does give you the package of features and qualities that will make driving right. When you want premium ruggedness in the SUV you drive, you’ll want to know why you should buy this GMC.

Added Safety Makes its Way to This SUV

It’s become standard for you to see a package of safety features that can give you the alerts and warnings you’re looking for. The Acadia adds the benefits of Intellibeam automatic high beam headlights and rear park assist. These two added items make sure you can have more alerts so that you can stay safer when you’re on the road.

Your Ride is Just Better in this GMC

The GMC Acadia is equipped with a pair of features that can make driving right for you with the adjustments you need. You won’t have to adjust this SUV; it will do things on its own. You’ll have Adaptive Ride Control and Active Torque Control that helps you have the ride you want and the power where you need it. Feel the difference with these items in the vehicle you love to drive.

More Responsive than Competitors

The smaller dimensions of this GMC SUV make it much more responsive than others in this class. You don’t have to worry about the cabin area, it’s still sizeable, and you’ll find improved maneuverability and responsiveness when you take a drive. This means you’re carving up the corners when others can’t, and you’ll find this SUV is much easier to drive in the city.

Most Features are Found at Different Trim Levels

Instead of giving you a stripped-down basic model to build on with expensive options, the GMC Acadia comes to you with several trim packages and very few options. That makes it easy for you to find the price and package you want. The trims of this SUV are SLE, SLT, AT4, and Denali, which each have their own benefits and give you the features you’re looking for.

Several Seating Configurations

The only way to find more seating options than what you’ll see in the Acadia would be to look at a minivan. The Acadia has Smart Slide functionality in the second row and fold-flat seating to give you several great ways to set up the seats the way you want. You’ll have the cargo configuration you need and the right place for everyone to enjoy the ride to your destination.

Find the Trim with the Surround Vision Upgrade

Take your rearview camera system a step farther in the GMC Acadia. This SUV can be had with Surround Vision capabilities with the 360-degree camera views the are clearly presented to you on the infotainment screen. This allows you to see around the vehicle when you’re parking or when getting out of a parking spot, which is where many door dings and fender benders take place.

Enjoy the Signature Suite of the GMC Pro Safety Plus Package

Every brand is stamping their names on the safety suite offered, and GMC did the same. This package is comprehensive and made to give you the alerts and awareness you need to avoid hazards and feel safer when you’re out on the road. With this package at your disposal, you’ll drive with confidence and know that when you get a little distracted, the Acadia is still looking out for you.

Attractive Styling Brings You to the GMC Acadia

This GMC SUV is sleek and rugged at the same time. You’ll see a build that appears to be ready for the trails but also see body-colored bumpers to give you the sporty style you’ll admire. The lighting package is attractive and impressive to give you the lights you want to show off. Take a walk around this SUV and see how striking it can be.

The Right Level of Technology for Your Drive

You expect to have an excellent infotainment system in the vehicles that are sold today. The Acadia certainly has this for you, but that’s not all. You can have a Head-Up Display that projects information right onto the windshield to give you the information you’re looking for during your drive. The steering wheel has controls mounted on it to help you keep your eyes on the road and allow you to scroll through and find the information you need.

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