Ford has always been at the forefront of the motor vehicle game. Heck, Ford basically invented the motor vehicle as we know it today and, through the muscle car era, the SUV boom, and the dawn of the hybrid age, the Blue Oval brand has always been at the leading edge of whatever new and exciting advancements are being made on our highways and byways.

So it should stand to reason that now as we stand on the precipice of a new era, one that is more eco-conscious and forward-thinking than ever, you can look to Ford to find out what the future will hold.

And for Ford, the future is, in many ways, electric.

Whether it’s the hotly anticipated F-150 Lightning, the thrilling muscle-car-inspired Mach-E, or the all-new hybrid Maverick pickup, Ford is laying plans for the next century of driving excitement.

So let’s dig in and see what tomorrow may have in store.

The F-150 Lightning

Ever since rumors began to spread that Ford was working on a fully electric version of the most popular truck in America, the anticipation for such a truck rose to a fever pitch.

And now that all the details are here and they’ve somehow exceeded our expectations.

One thing you can expect from an F-150 Lightning is the exact same driving, towing, hauling, and working experience you’ve come to know from a gas-powered F-150.

With two electric motors combining to make 426-horsepower (and the Extended Range battery offering up to 563 horses) and 775 pound-feet of torque, you won’t even know you’re sitting behind a fully-electric vehicle.

That is, of course, until you drain the battery pack’s charge. But not to worry, as that won’t happen for 230 miles on the standard pack and nearly 300 on the Extended Range option.

The Mustang Mach-E

Blending a pure electric SUV with the pedigree of the original pony car?

Why not?

That is what you’ll get in the new Mustang Mach-E, which brings all of the driving fun of classic muscle with an ultra-futuristic design and plenty of horsepower.

We’re talking about an electric motor that is capable of making up to 480-horsepower and 634 pound-feet of torque, all combining to motivate you from zero-to-sixty in just 3.5 seconds.

And did we mention the 108-miles-per-gallon-equivalent you’ll get in a Mach-E?

The Maverick

If the hulk and bulk of an F-150 is a bit too big for your taste, consider the Maverick, which is Ford’s new hybrid compact pickup. Perfect for a more urban environment or someone who’s looking for a peppy ride to rip around town, the Maverick hits that not-too-big, not-too-small sweet spot just so perfectly.

With a 2.5-liter four-cylinder paired with an electric motor, the Maverick sends 191 horses to its front wheels via a continuously variable automatic transmission, giving you a ride that is smoother than ever.

All of that combines to get you around 40 miles-per-gallon, which’ll find you at the pump less than ever before.

With so many amazing options and choices, why not head over to your local Ford dealership and test drive them for yourself!

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