Social platforms are necessary for your company to be visible and enjoy the success you want for your car dealership.

Embracing social media allows you to get away from the traditional advertising processes to engage on a more personal level with an audience interested in what you have to say. These platforms are powerful tools for your dealership, but which ones are the best for you to utilize?

Four Platforms You Must Use to be Successful with Automotive Social Media

The top four platforms that you should utilize to share your message are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Several of these sites work together to make posting and sharing much easier for you and all have benefits that you’re certainly going to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the benefits each of these social platforms offer to help you engage with your current and future customers.


One of the oldest of these social media sites is Facebook. This platform has become one of the most dynamic online sites you can use to bring your message to a larger audience. Facebook has various tools for you including the Ads portion and the Marketplace section which both make posting much simpler for you. You will need to work with a DMS to gain authority as a car dealer, but that is only one simple step for you.

With your entire inventory listed on Facebook Marketplace, you’re allowing nearly every car shopper in your area to see what you have for sale. Facebook allows you to integrate various posts into the mix including links to videos, blog posts, and news articles that are current for the automotive industry. Facebook also offers strategies that are specific to car dealers to help you be successful in your marketing efforts.


To date, Twitter is the social platform that is credited with the most car sales out of all social platforms. Twitter is easy to use, offers a dynamic approach, and makes posting, responding, and sharing easy. The limited number of characters per post can work to your advantage as a car dealer. You’ll get your message out quickly and can link to other posts that you have on other platforms.

It’s easy to share your new products, offer how-to videos, and gain authority in the industry through Twitter. With a few followers and the inventory, you want to share you’ll become one of the leading car dealers in your area. If you haven’t figured Twitter out yet, get with your digital marketing team and let them show you how to make this social media site help you sell more cars and bring leads to your team.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and the two work extremely well together. Even though you could add a variety of text comments on Instagram, this social media site is all about the images and videos (as the name suggests). You can share your Instagram posts directly to both Facebook and Twitter, which makes it one of the most powerful platforms for your social media posts to reach the largest audience.

Take photos of your new vehicles coming off the delivery trucks, offer videos that talk about the features of cars you have for sale, and make use of the Stories feature on Instagram. The Stories area is one of the most popular places for users to post updated information and offer the latest videos. You won’t have to write thousands of words when you use Instagram, take some amazing pictures, and let your audience see what you have for sale.


One of the social platforms that is going to be used the most is YouTube. Whether you’re adding a video to a post on one of the other platforms or you’re going to build a following on YouTube, you’ll want to use this site. Nearly everyone on social media watches several videos on YouTube every single day, which means you need to be present and offer videos that will bring users to your dealership.

If you think you want to share something in the text, or in a photo, there might be an easy way for you to turn it into a YouTube video and give you viewers what they want to see. Create an account and segment your videos based on content so that your audience can find the information that desire. Whether they are looking for a car review, your dealership activities, or how-to videos that tell them about the features of certain models, you can offer it to them through YouTube.

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