Is Facebook Marketplace the right location for your entire inventory or just the new cars? This is the question that faces new car dealers.

If you talk to anyone using this tool and review the items being sold here, you’ll know that your used inventory should be part of what you offer. Make it easier for your customers to find your inventory and put it all on Facebook Marketplace.

This Tool has Become More Dynamic

Is your dealership set up with new inventory on one side of the store and used models on the other? This is the typical layout of a car dealership. Also, you may have different teams working to sell vehicles that are new or used. This distinct separation at the physical dealership used to make it difficult for you to keep your inventory updated.

The way that Facebook Marketplace has transitioned allows you to know you can keep your inventory current every day. When this tool first arrived on the Facebook platform, dealers had to manually upload vehicles. This caused teams to need to upload new models as they came in and delete them as they were sold. Today, your entire fleet can be integrated with the hub for automatic uploads as vehicles are added to your inventory.

Uploading Inventory to Facebook Marketplace is Free

One of the greatest benefits to car dealers is the fact that you’re not going to pay for each listing on your account. This factor, along with the automatic integration, makes it easier than ever to load and list all your vehicles on this platform. Your shoppers are waiting for you to show them what they can buy from you and this is a great place to let them get started.

Get Connected with One of the Most Popular Sites

Facebook isn’t the only company working to make use of the automatic integration feature of Marketplace. This company collaborates with to give you the strength and reach you need. Your listings on Facebook Marketplace also become listed on this popular site. It’s easy for you to reach your local audience when you use the tools available to you through this platform.

A Great Way to Lead the Industry

Your car dealership needs to focus on the local area and has only a local reach for sales. Thankfully, the platform in question is made for this local advertising. When shoppers open their Marketplace app, they find local offerings before anything else. This makes it extremely easy for you to offer your entire inventory to those looking for their next vehicle.

You’ll quickly lead the competition when you add your used inventory to Facebook Marketplace. Whether you’re operating a dealership that only offers used models or you’ve got both new and used vehicles for sale, you can lead the way. The competition you’ll face are other dealers and private sellers. Shoppers looking for an excellent selection of vehicles offered for sale will be glad to take advantage of what you have to offer.

The Top Three Reasons to Put Your Used Inventory on Facebook Marketplace

Let’s boil this down to three reasons you should have your used inventory on Marketplace:

1) A Large Audience Awaits You

More car shoppers are using Marketplace than ever before. This is the audience you want to connect with. Currently, this platform has more than 800 million active shoppers around the world for a variety of items. The largest industry on this platform is the automotive industry. You need to be where your customers and competition are.

2) This Platform Drives Leads

The conversation you need is started with Marketplace and interested shoppers quickly become leads that are real people in your area. It’s easy for your local customers to find you, set an appointment with your team, message back and forth with your sales staff, and find the vehicles they want to drive. Most shoppers are familiar with the functionality this platform offers and will be glad to use it to buy a vehicle.

3) Your Large Inventory is Listed for Free

Many other online platforms where you want to list your vehicles could cost you a lot of money, but not Facebook Marketplace. You can integrate your entire fleet into this platform and see that it’s been listed for free. This savings over other sites makes it easy for you to enjoy a healthy bottom line and offer vehicles in a place where more of your audience is searching.

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