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Moz Local, your favorite automated listing management tool just released a big update at the end of June. Here are some of the big changes you’ll notice, so you can be ready to adapt.

Integrations and Real-Time Updates

Moz Local wants to make it easier for marketers to view relevant data and connect analytics across multiple platforms. Location data has been updated to include real-time updates giving you more awareness of data. You’ll also be able to save time with the new automated detection and permanent duplicate closure because we all know that the more efficiently we can work the happier we will be.

Along with working more efficiently, Moz Local realized the need for more integration, so now Google and Facebook can be integrated into the platform giving you more insights and reporting to help you manage your location’s profile better. No more switching platforms and combining separate reports. It’s also important for you to be able to see changes as they happen, so there is now a new activity feed that will send you an alert whenever there is a change to your location’s listings.

Engage With Customers

Customers are vocal online, there’s no doubt about it. Some are singing praises while others are sharing concerns. With the new Moz Local, you’ll be able to keep track of your reviews and see exactly what your customers are saying. Their feedback is powerful. Along with an improved way to manage reviews, you can also post on social platforms to keep in touch with your customers and followers so they never miss a new offer or update.

The new Moz Local also has larger clients in mind, those with 100 or more locations, by giving them an easy store locator and individual landing pages that can be seamlessly shared with customers and search engines. As you can tell, the theme of this update is better and easier.

Improved Existing Features

Not everything is brand new in the new Moz Local. Some changes to your metrics were made for improved clarity. For instance, your Listing Score is now measured by Profile Completeness, so you can see your data as a whole, easily pinpoint the gaps and fill in the necessary information.

The more complete your profile is, the better. Likewise, the Visibility Score is now called the Visibility Index, which takes your info in Moz Local and crosschecks it with information on your live listings. This way, you can make sure your information is consistent and no customers are out there with the wrong or outdated information.

The New Moz Local: Updated With You in Mind, For You

Moz Local has always strived to give its clients the best, and with these new updates, it’s easy to see that the changes are going to make marketers’ lives easier and more efficient.

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