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The catchphrase we hear when the Subaru commercials are aired is “this is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru” which is certainly a simplistic way of describing the vehicles that wear this brand for our driving enjoyment

The Subaru brand is one that has built its reputation in a way that we’ve admired but often questioned. Thankfully, this brand has finally been given the complete validation that’s needed to make sure you know that this is a brand that has the vehicle you want to drive with the qualities you’re looking for on the road.

What makes a Subaru model one that will allow you to have the confidence you want when you drive? This is a vehicle brand that has a large number of crossover SUV models and a few sedans that all have the benefit of the dynamic AWD that is a standard part of the lineup. There is only one model that wears this badge that doesn’t come with AWD and that’s the sporty BRZ. These vehicles also offer you advanced safety features and the boxer engine that allows the center of gravity to be much closer to the ground for your driving confidence.

The Validation Experienced

With any car brand, what’s the most important thing for them when the end of the year rolls around? The total sales experienced is what we expect to see and the numbers give the full story of how the brand did for the previous year. For Subaru, the 2017 sales reached a level that made this the highest total sales for any year in the history of the company. That’s an impressive and glowing validation that Subaru has our attention and is building their vehicles the way they should be for the driving experience we want to have on the road.

The total number of sale for this brand during 2017 shows up at 647,956 which was amazing for the brand. The final month was the driver for this brand with record sales in December that reached 63,342 for the month or nearly ten percent of the total in just one month. This certainly gave the Subaru team a strong finish to the year that they will hope to carry forward to the 2018 calendar year in order to have the success they want to have which should be able to carry forward.

As far as the individual models are concerned, the Impreza and the Crosstrek had their best month in December and 2017 was the best year for both of these models. The sales for the Impreza showed an increase for the year compared to 2016 of nearly 55 percent. This year was also the best year for the Outback which has been the model that we recognize more than any other from this brand every year. It appears Subaru has found a way to capture the sales desired at the right time which is when the SUV market is at its hottest, which is right now.

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