While we keep our horizon sights on autonomous driving and all it has to offer us when it comes to market there are continual advancements in a variety of vehicle technologies that will make your drive more comfortable, connected and more enjoyable. Imagine a cup holder that can electrically heat or cool your drinks, think about the navigation systems we have today and consider wireless charging for your smartphone. No longer do you have to carry cords and cables with you and take your charger from your house to your vehicle, you can now charge your phone wirelessly in your vehicle, but you have to buy the right vehicle to be able to do this.

Here are the models that offer wireless charging among other wonderful features for you to enjoy the ride:

Cadillacs – The entire Cadillac lineup offers wireless charging in some way to ensure you can enjoy the ride and leave the cords at home. The CT6, XT5, and Escalade offer it as a standard feature while the CTS and ATS both offer it on the higher trims but not on the base models. This gives you a great chance of having a Cadillac with wireless charging.
Chevrolet Volt – With the car that is an extended range electric vehicle and one that has now entered its second generation you can have a ton of tech based features in this car. The Volt offers wireless charging for your smartphone when you go up the trim ladder and choose the Premier trim level for your driving needs.
Chevrolet Impala – This is a car that seems to find its way to many of the lists we have and it certainly will give you the wireless charging you want along with the cavernous space of a full-size sedan. There are two trims in which you can have wireless charging on the Impala which makes it more affordable for you.
Chevrolet Malibu – The Malibu has some of the similar packages as the Impala and offers the wireless charging on the Premier model as part of the standard offerings but you can have it on the LT model as well if you choose the Convenience and Technology Package which adds more of the features you want and need.
Chevrolet Cruze – We look forward to the refreshed model to be one of the sales leaders for Chevrolet and you can find wireless charging as part of at least one of the trim levels, but we still aren’t sure which one will have it. That’s not important yet and as one of the most affordable small sedans on the market, this is a great addition to the Cruze.
Chevrolet Camaro – The Camaro team chose to focus on the inside of this car for the refresh since we love the look so much. I’m glad they did as the SS and LT models will have the wireless charging available when the Convenience and Lighting Packages are chosen for this wonderful and active sports car.
GM SUVs – Across the different nameplates you will find the wireless charging as either a standard or optional feature. This includes the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL and Yukon Denali. The smaller SUVs won’t have this on them, but when you spend the money for these beastly models you can enjoy the cordless benefits.
GM Pickups – The half ton and larger pickups will offer you wireless charging as part of many of the mid trim levels on these trucks. This charging hasn’t made it to the Canyon or Colorado yet, but the Silverado and Sierra that is at the middle trim level or higher will give you wireless charging as part of the options package.
Toyotas – The Land Cruiser offers the Qi wireless charging as standard fare, but the Avalon, Camry, Prius, and Tacoma all offer it as part of one of the higher trim levels in an options package. This allows you to choose one of the best sellers on the market, a hybrid, or a pickup and gain the benefits of wireless charging.
Lexus NX and LX – These two vehicles both have wireless charging as part of the options offered. This may make you consider these two as the ones to choose from because so many luxury vehicles don’t have the wireless charging you want, but the more affordable brand on the market has it for you in a great Lexus model.
BMW 7-Series – When you spend the money for one of the highest class luxury vehicles on the market you should be able to have wireless charging. Thankfully BMW has included it as standard equipment on the 7-Series, which gives you the ability to enjoy this feature in one of the most luxurious cars on the road today.
Hyundai Ioniq– As the vehicle that will go head to head with the Prius the Ioniq is one that offers the wireless charging as an optional feature to make it competitive. This feature can be had on all three versions of this vehicle so that you can opt for it now matter how you choose the rest of the vehicle; which is a great way to sell this feature.
Genesis G90 – This will be the first offering from the new Genesis luxury vehicle lineup from the Hyundai luxury brand. This car will offer us wireless charging which it should as the first offering of a high-end flagship sedan, but we haven’t been told whether or not it will be offered as an option or part of the standard equipment, but it will be available.

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