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Content is king. If you’ve been in marketing at all in the last few years, you’ve heard this mantra over and over again. The funny part is that it wasn’t always true, even when many were trying to say it was. In 2014, it finally is actually a truthful statement… but with some qualifiers.

From a purely scientific perspective, it’s definitely true. The nuts and bolts that make up search engine optimization all hold the frame together, and that frame is content. However, it’s much bigger than that. Without those nuts and bolts, such as inbound links, social signals, microformats, and citations, the content itself is nothing more than a pile sheet metal that can’t do anything.

As we continue to explore the ways that content can help with SEO, it’s important to note that even the infographic below by Fat is only one side of the content equation. There’s another side that one could easily argue is more important. If this is the science, the other side would be the art. We’ll talk more about that in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the infographic. Click to enlarge.

Content in the SEO World Infographic

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