Inbound Link EarningThe dubious “art” of link-building died on April 24, 2012. That’s when Google announced their first Penguin algorithm update and sent companies around the world and across the automotive industry running for cover from the Google hammer that was coming down on them.

Thankfully, our philosophy since 2007 has been to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to inbound links. As a result, we believe in the honorable art of link-earning for our dealer clients. The concept is simple. The delivery is extremely challenging (and thankfully so, or else some of our competitors might be doing it as well).

In theory, link-earning is taking high-quality content that can be useful to others and getting it exposed across the internet so people will link to it from their websites. It’s about value. It’s about giving the internet something they can use and are willing to spread.

The practice is the challenging part, especially for business websites like the ones in the automotive industry. Let’s face it – you probably don’t have much content on your website that other websites would really want to link to willingly. With Google and Bing paying such close attention to link quality and fighting off link schemes, you must keep your strategy completely above board. To do this, you need to earn your links. You can’t buy them. That’s against the rules. You can’t rely on a network. Those are getting busted regularly. You need two things:

  1. Content that people would love to link to in order to bring value to their audience
  2. Channels to get the content exposed so they can see it – you don’t need a tree falling in an empty forest

At Dealer Authority, we’ve been able to put together a strategy that we would gladly demonstrate transparently to Google or Bing. They would love it. They would say, “Yes, this is how we want dealer websites to get inbound links to their sites.”

If you want to be ranked for the keywords that you deserve, contact us and let us put our strategies to work for you:

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