How can you attract more online users to your website? With the top trends for SEO, you can effectively bring your website to more users.

As we make our way through 2021, it’s good for you to understand what the newest and most effective ways to attract users can be. Currently, there are an estimated 3.5 billion searches on Google every day. How many of them are making it to your website?

Pay Close Attention to the Core Web Vitals

Google has made the Core Web Vitals one of the most important aspects of measuring user experience. As one of the top trends for SEO, you need to pay close attention to this metric. There are three factors, all of which have to do with the experience you offer users who visit your site. These three factors that are measured are Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability.

These three items can be dialed down to page load speed. How fast does your website load? When does it become interactive for the users? How stable is it during the experience? Pay attention to the Core Web Vitals and you will have a website that many users will enjoy.

Artificial Intelligence is Becoming One of the Top Trends for SEO

The use of AI is changing the interaction we have with online content. Google has its own AI algorithm and will help you when you’re searching online. Those suggested search terms are only the beginning of AI at play during your experience.

It’s important to make sure your website ranks high for the keywords that a user might input as to their search term. Part of this is reviewing time spend on pages and improving this factor but also ensuring the use of keywords and backlinks gives your website the authority to be ranking near the top of the search engine results pages.

Keyword Research Becomes More Important than Ever

With the use of voice search, AI, and with more content online than ever before, using the right keywords will make a huge difference in your SEO results. Find the right long-tail and targeted keywords for your website and you’ll be using one of the top trends for SEO.

It’s important to not only find the right keywords but understand their intent. Figure this out by analyzing the results for the keywords that you want to use on your pages. Once you do this, create original content that can help your page rank where you want it.

Google EAT Becomes More Important for Ranking

Your website is hungry and it’s time to let it eat. You do this by ensuring your content fulfills the Google Eat Principle. This principle has three factors to rank content. These factors are Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It may take some time to fulfill all three with your website, but it needs to be the cornerstone of your content creation.

To learn how to ensure your content can fulfill the EAT principle, you will need to perform the research needed to build quality content that engages your users. View the journey visitors take through your site and understand what each page has to offer.

Video Marketing is a Huge Part of SEO

One of the top trends for SEO that will continue to grow is the use of video content and marketing. Whether you’re demonstrating the use of a product, offering a tutorial, or offering a sales pitch, a video is one way to engage users more easily.

We love videos. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you can see a video and learn from watching rather than only reading, you’re going to consume the content more easily and understand the goals of what you’re presented with. Create the video content and put it on your YouTube pages to give your audience the right information to support your website.

Long-Form Content is More Impactful for Google Ranking

In a world of simple, short, immediate information, you might not think one of the top trends for SEO would be long-form content, but it is. When you have content that has 3,000 or more words, with images that go along with them, these pages are three to four times more likely to be shared than those that are less than 1,200 words.

Build the content that’s long enough to receive more shares. Longer content can also give you more authority over the subject because you can spend more time on one aspect of a topic instead of simply skimming or hitting the highlights.

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