When you want the most incredible drive that you can find, the Nissan GT-R is ready to deliver and give you an amazing drive.

This car might not be the most powerful sports car in the market, but it has the handling and build that will put you at the front of any race and allow you to turn some fast laps that are only limited by your driving skills. Whether you stick to a regular version or select the hardcore Nismo Special Edition model, you’ll have the pure power and performance that makes driving fun once again.

How Fast Can You Go?

Head to your local track, and you’ll be able to unleash the power of the GT-R. This car, in its standard form, can hit sixty mph in less than three seconds, making it lightning fast. The Nismo Special Edition model can finish this run even quicker than the regular model, but you might not be able to feel the difference and will need to see it on a stopwatch. No matter which version of this car you choose, you’ve got an incredibly powerful engine under the hood to give you the performance you’re going to love.

What is that Powertrain Made Of?

You won’t find a highly tuned, electrically-assisted V8 or V12 powering the Nissan GT-R. Instead, what you find is a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that brings you the amazing power levels you’re looking for. This engine is attached to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that shifts quickly and precisely for you. The Nismo Special Edition brings you 600 horsepower for the pure power and performance you’re going to love. This is a car that can easily be donned as the Ultimate Perfection Machine when you get behind the wheel and take the GT-R out for a ride.

You Better Recognize

When you see the Nismo Special Edition model of this car, you’ll notice some differences between this model and the traditional version of the GT-R. The specialized model has 20-inch black alloy wheels, a carbon fiber hood, and Stealth Gray paint with red accents. This bold design gives you a sports car that has been nicknamed “Godzilla,” and it certainly has earned this moniker.

Handling is Everything in the GT-R

If all you had was straight-line power, this car wouldn’t be much fun, but the Nissan GT-R offers you an amazing package of performance features that make it ideal for your drive around a track or on a canyon run filled with twists and turns. The ride is firm, but it never punishes you, which means you could drive this car across the country if you wanted to. You can push the GT-R hard and position yourself on the road with accuracy that’s often unmatched.

Put the ATTESA E-TS to Work

What in the world does ATTESA E-TS stand for, and why is it important in the GT-R? This is the system made to help you have the smart and swift function of the AWD power you need when you’re behind the wheel. What it does is provide up to 98 percent of the power to the rear wheels during your acceleration off the line, but then it balances out the power during your drive to ensure the wheels that need power are always getting it.  As for the name, ATTESA E-TS stands for Advanced Total Traction Engineering, System for All terrains with Electronic Torque Split. Now, you know.

More Room than Rivals

The cabin area of this Nissan does feel like it’s dated, but that won’t bother you for too long. The fact that it wears sports car materials and offers you an excellent design will be a positive on your list. Enjoy the classic feel inside this car and realize that you’ll have more room to move about than you would in one of the other supercars in the market. In fact, the GT-R is one of the only cars in its class with a rear seat; although it’s only suitable for kids or pets, but it is there and can be used for some of the items you need to take with you. There’s also a trunk that measures about nine cubic feet, which is more than what you get with some of the other cars as well.

A Shape that Makes You Smile

Every line, surface, and opening in the bodywork of the Nissan GT-R is made to serve a purpose. Most of them are created to improve aerodynamics and allow the car to cut through the air and stick to the ground. The drag coefficient of 0.26 is better than any other car in the class.

As you admire the look of the GT-R, you’ll notice it has flared front fenders, under-body diffusers, and stagged wheels that give this car the performance and drive you want. Even the flat-blade wipers are made to be more aerodynamic than wipers are in other cars.

Looking at Some of the Regular Features of this Car

It’s hard to look at anything the GT-R has to offer and think of parts of it being regular in nature. Even so, there are some items that you find as part of the standard package. You’ll enjoy the benefits of power-adjustable seats, Brembo brakes, 20-inch Rays alloy wheels, a titanium exhaust, heated front seats, heated side mirrors, dual-zone automatic climate controls, a three-spoke/leather-wrapped steering wheel, the Nissan Connect infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, and an 11-speaker Bose audio system.

Let Your Driving Imagination Run Wild

If getting behind the wheel of a powerful sports car is your idea of fun, you need to buy the Nissan GT-R and schedule some time at the track. These two things will help you have the pleasure that driving should be when you want to test your skills and see what this car can do. Thankfully, the GT-R is capable of being a good car to drive every day, if you want, but it certainly has more desire to be out on the track running some fast laps.

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