The next decade might be defined by technology that’s made to give you an easier time driving or better connectivity with friends and family.

Whether you feel technology hasn’t reached an expected level because you don’t have a hoverboard from the Back to the Future movies or because of predictions made in books, you can easily see the speed at which technology is moving.  We don’t know that this next decade will bring, but here are some ideas.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The increasing ability of machines to learn to act the way we want without additional programming could be an amazing transformation in our world. Realistically, this type of technology should require some form of programming, but the depth of the AI we already see could lead to breakthroughs that allow machines to solve problems without a programmer.

The Internet of Things

How many smart devices do you currently own? You might have more than you think. The ever-growing number of connected and smart devices create the Internet of Things. These devices are constantly gathering and transmitting data to lead to the growth of Big Data and AI in the future. This means you might not need to ask for a search in the future, Alexa will already know what you want to search for simply based on your behavior.

Advanced Wearable Technology

We already have health trackers and devices that help us improve our performance and live healthier lives. The next decade might bring more efficient methods for these devices to help us make the right choices to live longer and be more fit than ever before. While many may think technology can lead to laziness, a health tracker can help with just the opposite.

Big Data and Augmented Analytics

Big Data refers to the exponential growth in the amount of data being created and gathered in our world. It was a surprise to many of us when we created a simple search for an item on one site and then were presented with several ads for similar items when browsing through social media. The data is getting better and the use of it through augmented analytics will make everything more productive and efficient in the future.

Intelligent Spaces and Smart Places

Technology of the future will give us smarter connectivity in our homes, offices, and throughout an entire city. You could see your community connected and smart with vehicles that avoid accidents because they can detect where other vehicles are through GPS tracking rather than through cameras and sensors. Smart spaces are going to be the workplace of the future, giving you a great way to connect and be more efficient.

Cloud and Edge Computing

Currently, we have cloud storage and computing, but the future of technology will bring us edge computing. This is where data is processed on smart devices to make use of the cloud storage that creates shared information and collaboration. Edge computing will take things to the next level and allow us to be better prepared for everything we need to get done every day.

Digitally Extended Realities

Using the increase in data collection and presentation, an extended reality will allow for a more immersive experience with a digital presence. This will be accomplished by using virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to give a user the most realistic version of what they’re trying to experience online. You could project yourself into photos that your friends have taken and look around at the landscape, which gives you a more inclusive experience with your friends and family.

Digital Twins

One of the greatest technological advances we hope to see in the next decade is digital twins. This could give us a digital copy of an object, process, product, or ecosystem. This innovation will allow us to try different configurations and alterations to the item that would be too expensive or risky to try on the real thing. Using the results, we can then decide if it makes sense to implement the changes or try something else.

Autonomous Vehicles

We’ve come so close already that it seems that fully autonomous vehicles are only one step away from being a reality. This technology might scare some people while exciting others. This idea isn’t limited to cars on the road, but boats on the water, commercial vehicles, trains, and other kinds of vehicles used for transportation. Maybe the next decade will be when we see this technology offered safely for all to enjoy.

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