Wait a minute; aren’t we supposed to try and get customers to visit the dealership and see the different vehicles waiting for them?

In reality, yes, you are supposed to showcase what you have for your audience, but instead of trying to make them come to your dealership, bring your dealership to them through the use of your digital marketing and social media marketing programs.

Where is the First Conversation?

You might think your first conversation with customers takes place in the showroom, but the reality is you’ve had several with your audience before they ever arrive at your location. Most car shoppers have an idea of what they want before they ever step foot in your dealership. They’ve already looked up models online and reviewed them, with or without your assistance, and have interacted with the model and your dealership before every coming to the showroom.

How Can You Bring Your Dealership to Your Customers?

The question you face is how to bring your dealership online in a way that will entice shoppers to interact with your dealership. The average shopper may have many dealership interactions online, they typically only truly spend time with two locations. Usually, this is because a shopper has a couple of vehicles in mind and they want to compare the two.

Consider the stories you want to tell your customers face-to-face and find a way to do so virtually through your online marketing programs. Here are a few that seem to garner the greatest audience:

• Stories about the vehicles you offer

• Offer value-adds that come through programs that you run

• Showcase incentives and additional offers

• Enhance the deal for shoppers that have reviewed some products but haven’t made a buying decision just yet

The Vehicle Stories

Tell stories to your customers about the models you sell. When a shopper is reviewing a model, this gives them a great way to understand what to expect. If you’re talking about how much room is inside be sure to mention how tall you are so shoppers can see and compare. Let them understand the differences in trims, features, and price for the models you’re showcasing in some of the videos you create for your digital marketing programs.

As we’ve seen many dealers begin to offer online shopping, one item that has become more important than any other is a virtual test drive. Make sure you have several camera angles for your customers to see where you’re going, understand the speed and readings of the gauges, and how they can experience the different features while on the road. Offer a complete story to your audience during a virtual test drive.

Condense “Why Buy” Messages into Small Pieces

If your customers are shopping for SUVs, they don’t want to hear about the deals being offered on sedans. Offer them small, targeted, “why buy” messages that tell them what the offer is and what the program can be if they choose the model that you’re showing them. This can be done during a vehicle walk around or as a promotional offer in a video that you share on your social media pages.

Another way to keep the attention of potential customers is to offer special promotions for those that are connected to you on social media platforms. This connection can make it easy for you to have the attention of your audience. You could also showcase some service deals that will bring them back to take advantage of the care and maintenance offered at your dealership location. The more you can keep your dealership in front of your customers the better.

Create a Natural Environment for Your Customers Online

Think about how your conversations typically go when you have a shopper in your dealership. Whether you create videos that answer some of the most frequently asked questions, the differences between models, the reasons to buy, or the financing offers you have, you’ll have a great way to connect when you have a natural conversational tone in your videos.

Bring Your Dealership to Your Local Shoppers the Right Way

Everyone is online these days. With many ways to get your dealership in front of your customers through social media, search engine results, and video marketing, you’ll be able to reach your audience easily. Stop trying to get them to come in and see you, bring our dealership to them through this virtual world, and let them have the full picture before every stepping into your showroom.

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