The Chrysler 300 is a smooth, elegant, and sophisticated full-size sedan that’s been admired by many.
This car offers you the feeling of a luxury car without the price. While these sound like good reasons to take it for a ride and make it the car that you drive every day, there may be some reasons you don’t want to drive it. Let’s look at the pros and cons of driving the Chrysler 300.


The Chrysler 300 has a Responsive, Fuel-Efficient V6 Engine

The Pentastar V6 engine makes its way under the hood of the Chrysler 300 to be a power plant that does things right. This engine is smooth and it gives you the drive you want when you’re behind the wheel. Acceleration is immediate and the fuel mileage you’ll enjoy with this powertrain can reach up to 30 mpg on the highway.

Step up to the Robust V8 Engine

If you want stronger performance and more power than what the V6 can offer, the Hemi V8 is offered to handle the drive. This impressive engine gives you 363 horsepower and 394 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll be pleased with how quick the Chrysler 300 is when you have the V8 engine under the hood. When acceleration matters and more power is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this engine.

Add Sportiness to the Chrysler 300

When you’re looking for more fun on the road, the Chrysler 300S is the model you’ll want. This car is nimble and quick with stickier performance tires, a sport-tuned suspension, a sportier appearance package, a special set of 20-inch Black Noise wheels, and a body-colored rear spoiler. This version of the Chrysler 300 brings you sportiness to go with the elegant feeling of this car.

This Chrysler is a Comfortable and Quiet Sedan

You’ll find all-day comfort on the road when you drive the Chrysler 300. This car brings you mechanical items that come from Mercedes-Benz to give you true luxury car quality when you drive. These items allow the Chrysler 300 to be a quiet car when you’re on the highway, making your drive more of a pleasure. You’ll love the large size of the cabin and the massive trunk that makes this car one that’s perfect for road trips.

Luxury Where You Don’t Expect it

Consider the competition with the Chrysler 300 and you’ll see a car that is absolutely more luxurious than any of the others in the market. Higher trim levels of the Chrysler 300 give you heated/ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated/cooled cup holders. Choose the 300C and you’ll have Nappa leather for the seats.

The Base Chrysler 300 has a lot of Equipment

If you’re looking for the value version of the Chrysler 300, the Touring model will be the right one for you. This model brings you a high-resolution display for the rearview camera, satellite radio, leather-trimmed bucket seats, and an impressive infotainment system. You’ll be amazed by the value you receive when you let this model be the Chrysler 300 that you want to drive.

An Excellent Infotainment System

Have you heard of the Uconnect infotainment system? You should have. This is one of the most impressive and responsive systems in the market. The Chrysler 300 can be had with a screen that measures 8.4-inch and uses this system to give you the connectivity you’re looking for. Access the smartphone apps and features that you want with this system and see how easy it is for you to enjoy every day.

Admire the Sound System of the Chrysler 300

The standard audio system of the Chrysler 300 gives you six speakers, but you may want to upgrade to the Beats Audi premium sound system which has a 552-watt amplifier and a trunk-mounted subwoofer. You can also choose a 19-speaker Harman/Kardon system that turns the cabin of the Chrysler 300 into a concert hall. Play your favorite music and enjoy everything about the sound system of the Chrysler 300.

AWD is Available

Some of the large sedans in the class with the Chrysler 300 leave AWD off the table. Not this car. You can have AWD and know that you’ve got a system that will help you have the traction and controls needed to handle the drive when the weather turns foul and when you’re faced with rough terrain. This system has an axle-disconnect feature which helps save gas when AWD isn’t being used for the drive.


The Standard Headlights of the Chrysler 300 Could be Better

If you move up to the Chrysler 300C, you’ll have adaptive xenon headlights that turn with the vehicle. Unfortunately, nothing this fancy is found on the base model. The standard headlights received a “poor” rating from the IIHS which means they don’t provide the visibility you need when driving at night. Ask for the upgraded headlights if you’re going to drive the Chrysler 300.

Safety Scores are Just Average

The Chrysler 300 is generally considered a safe car because of its size and protective frame. The crash test scores are a bit behind the competition and it only achieved a four-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA. This could be a concern if you’re looking for the top safety scores for the model that you drive every day. Consider this factor when you’re looking at the Chrysler 300.

You Won’t Find a High-Performance Chrysler 300

Even though you get more power from the Hemi V8 engine, you don’t see anything in the Chrysler 300 that reaches the performance levels of some of the other FCA models. There’s no Hellcat or SRT model, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The Chrysler 300 isn’t made to be a performance car, it’s a family sedan and one that can feel great when you’re ready for a drive.
If the Chrysler 300 sounds like the right car for you to have the drive you want every day, you need to see your local Chrysler dealer today. This is where you’ll find the comfort and quality you desire in this amazing sedan.

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