Plural words are often tricky. Sometimes it seems as though the singular form should be the plural and vice versa. However, when it comes to the word maximum, the plural is actually maxima. Maximum is a word meaning the highest level; the most, so it’s only fitting that one of Nissan’s most popular models is called the Maxima. It is the highest level sedan offered by the foreign auto giant, and it’s a beauty. The very pinnacle of exquisite auto manufacturing, the Maxima has certainly earned its prestigious reputation.

First introduced in 1981 under the Datsun name, the Maxima quickly cemented a place in Nissan’s lineup as one of their most spacious, reliable, and affordable vehicles. The name was borrowed from a special edition of its predecessor the Datsun 810. Originally part of a company called Datsun/Nissan Bluebird, the Datsun and Bluebird portion were phased out in 1983, and thus the Nissan Maxima was born. From its inception until 1988, the Maxima was marketed as a compact car, but after a redesign in 1988, the car quickly became classified as a midsize sedan. Little did Nissan know, but the Maxima would go on to become one of their most popular cars in the lineup.

What’s to Love?

Stylistically, the newest Nissan Maxima is everything drivers want from a vehicle. The latest version’s interior design is meant to duplicate that of top of the line aircraft. This generation of the Maxima has been dropped lower to the ground than previous versions, and the exterior design resembles that of world class art. It is meant to act as a sculpture, with its sweeping side panels, doors, and revolutionary designed roof. Called a floating roof, by Nissan themselves, the design is meant to make it look as though the roof is floating on the top of the car.

More than a Pretty Face

The 2016 isn’t just a pretty face though, it backs up its superior external appearance with solid performance as well. What may look like your typical sedan is equipped with an engine, transmission, and suspension meant to make it operate like a sports car. This version is not only lower, but lighter and a lot more streamlined to reduce the amount of drag, and ensure optimum speed and power. Outfitted with Nissan’s own redesigned VQ V6 engine, the Maxima guarantees up to three hundred horsepower, while still offering 22-30 miles per gallon.
From the first time you set foot inside a Maxima, it becomes clear that Nissan has a dedication to the best of the best when it comes to technology. Not only can your Maxima provide the best in entertainment with SiriusXM radio, and completely customizable infotainment system that is controllable via your smart phone. By using the knob called, by Nissan, the Display Commander, control of this revolutionary technology is easier than ever. The specialized design allows drivers to have absolute control of the entertainment options in their vehicle, with very little necessity to look away from the road.

Let’s Talk Tech

In newer cars, often, technology and safety go hand in hand. Nissan takes this to a whole new level by incorporating both your phone and the internet into the control of your vehicle. Your car can be set to alert you if it exceeds a maximum speed, travels outside of a specific area, or if it is being driven after a set number of hours. This makes the Maxima the perfect shared vehicle between parents and children, as it will allow you to see exactly what is happening when your kids have the car for the evening. You can also use your smart phone to remote start the car, unlock or lock the doors, and set off a horn and light combination should you need to find your car in a parking lot in a hurry. These features are just a small amount of what the Maxima can do.

On the Dashboard

The design of the dashboard makes the Maxima’s interior a true cockpit, as it meant to replicate exactly that, the cockpit of a jet. The center console of the vehicle is meant not to be shared by the driver and passenger as in traditional cars, but is driver-centric instead. They’ve rotated the positioning in an effort to allow easier access for the most important person in the car. All of the amazing design features coupled with zero gravity seats, available heated and cooled seats, and dual zone climate control make the interior of the 2016 Maxima just as visually stimulating as the exterior.
Nissan has been firmly committed to retaining their stellar reputation for many years. Having been in business for over eighty years, they’ve certainly had the time to put themselves on the map with some of the most impressive specimens on the vehicular market. The Maxima has been a top performer for quite a while now, and the 2016 release promises to be just as popular if not more so. If Maxima is the plural form of a word meaning the best of the best, Nissan has made sure that their car lives up to its name.

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