Mazda, one of Japan’s premier automakers, has fallen short in recent months and is desperate to make an immediate impact. With the race to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) heating up, Mazda has to act, and act fast, in order to keep up with its rivals.

Mazda is one of the biggest automotive producers in the world, and while they have been quite successful overall, they have fallen short in recent months. The Mazda company has failed to keep up with its rivals in the race to produce effective and impressive electric vehicles. While the company seems to be on the back foot, they plan to make a massive investment, 10.6 billion dollars to be exact, that will hopefully boost their efforts. Will Mazda see success, or will they yet again see themselves struggling to keep up?

With Mazda seeing a production shortage in the U.S., Mazda has to act quickly. Keep reading to learn what Mazda plans to do in the coming months, as well as in the long term.

Identifying the Problem

Over the last few years, Mazda has seen global success, especially here in America. They have been so successful that they are currently experiencing a shortage due to such high demand (among other reasons).

Mazda is almost as successful as Toyota and Honda, their Japanese rivals, but they have failed to contribute towards the push for electric vehicles. The Mazda MX-30, Mazda’s first fully electric car, was a massive flop. With a price tag of 33k and 100 miles of driving range, the MX-30 was very underwhelming.

Mazda’s introduction into the world of electrification was no more than a mere spark. And since then, Mazda has not released anything of great significance. This has been the underlying problem for the automaker.

Making Moves

Every automaker in the world is changing and innovating. The ones who fail to switch to EV might find themselves in history books rather than making history. Rightly so, Mazda plans to invest a huge amount of money towards electrification, that way you can find Mazda EVs at your local Mazda dealer.

Mazda has announced that until 2030 they will spend approximately 10.6 billion dollars in efforts toward making EVs. Not only that, but the Japanese automaker will be looking for partners to help them along in their journey. They hope to increase EV sales by 40% if all things pan out.

Will it Work?

10.6 Billion is a lot, but will it be enough to fix Mazda’s problem? They are already behind on production, and now they want to wait until 2030. Toyota and Honda have already made their mark and now Mazda is giving them a chance to pull even further ahead. Waiting until then is a big risk, but it is true that good things must take time.

There are still some amazing Mazda vehicles in production. Your local Mazda dealer will be sure to help you out.

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