The Lucid Air has been a big hit as the first and only vehicle from this upstart EV automaker. Recently we’ve gotten a glimpse at the new Lucid Gravity SUV.

The second vehicle from the Lucid brand will be an SUV. This makes perfect sense considering the number of SUVs that we find in the market today. The new Gravity SUV will be a spacious two or three-row model that gives us a second flagship for this brand, offering an impressive package of features that will ensure a high degree of luxury driving in every model.

Supercar or Super SUV?

If the Air is setting the bar high in the EV car market, the Gravity should certainly do much of the same. The new Gravity brings supercar levels of performance and more range than any other EV in the market, except for the Air. We expect to see the Gravity as part of the 2024 model year, with order books open in the early part of 2023. If history tells us anything, this new SUV will sell out quickly and become an amazing choice for many high-end luxury shoppers to enjoy out on the road.

Consistent Styling Makes it Up to the SUV Market

The front-end styling from the Air will make it upmarket to the Lucid Gravity SUV. This gives us a new vehicle that’s made to seat five, six, or seven people at a time. Of course, if you want your middle passengers to be comfortable, you’ll only seat four people and allow them to lay nearly flat and look up at the sky through the incredible panoramic sunroof. Lucid calls the sunroof a Glass Canopy, which is yet another feature that we see on both the Lucid Air and Gravity models.

The similarities don’t stop with the front end or glass roof. The Glass Cockpit feature of the Air will also move to the Gravity to offer high-resolution displays and the latest in Lucid UX software to give owners an incredible place to be while they control the drive.

What Can We Expect of the Gravity?

The basis and foundation of the Gravity show up with strong similarities to the Air. This means a vehicle that is spacious, offers strong performance, and delivers the efficiency needed in the electric powertrain. Lucid already holds the top spot when it comes to driving range. The Gravity should use the same 670-horsepower electric motor assembly and 22-module underfloor battery pack. This amazing foundation also allows the Gravity to be designed with some creativity, which means we might see some cool new features that are unique to this impressive luxury electric SUV.

Could We See the Tri-Motor Layout in the Gravity?

The most recent and most powerful version of the Lucid Air arrives with more than 1,200 horsepower. This is the Air Sapphire sedan. Will we see a new Lucid Gravity that also brings this much power? Possibly. Lucid has promised supercar performance, which tells us we should at least see the dual-motor layout offered in some models of the Air.

Another area of speculation is in the battery pack. The Air currently offers a larger 112.0-kWh battery pack and a smaller 92.0-kWh version. The new Gravity SUV might not need the smaller battery pack, but it could be useful at some price points. This new luxury electric SUV will likely include AWD, but that has not been confirmed yet.

This SUV Promises Much More Range

Lucid has the market cornered when it comes to driving range. Yes, that driving range comes at a high price, but for those shopping in this category, it can be worth the added cost. The new Gravity should offer a driving range that reaches the low to mid-400-mile range, which is pretty strong. The large battery pack won’t impact the rear foot room because of the higher seating position in an SUV. This gives us an impressive advantage for the Gravity over the Air, which does lose some rear foot space to the battery pack.

Where’s the Air?

You might think that using the name Air would mean this sedan would have an Air suspension, but it doesn’t. The Lucid Air uses coil springs and not an air suspension. The Lucid Gravity should offer something different with air springs at every corner. This feature allows the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle and level the load to give this SUV the desired drive. In addition to adding usefulness, this new Lucid SUV should be much more comfortable on the road than it would be without the air suspension system.

There are Seven Models of the Air

The Air comes in seven different power levels, trims, and configurations. At the high price required to get behind the wheel of this electric luxury sedan, is it truly any surprise that there are many options for you? Could we see the same number of configurations for the Gravity? Most likely, yes.

The Lucid Air comes in Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, Dream Range Edition, Dream Performance Edition, Grand Touring Performance, and the most powerful Sapphire models. The power ranges from 480 horsepower to 1,200 horsepower, which could certainly show up in the new Lucid Gravity SUV.

What do we Find in the Base Pure Model of the Air?

The foundational model of the Air gives you a good idea of where you can expect other models to grow from. The Air Pure comes with a single electric motor, 19-inch wheels, PureLuxe upholstery, a touchscreen infotainment system, an Amazon Alexa assistant, a navigation system, and three-years of free charging at Electrify America charging locations. This is a pretty nice package to get you started.

Moving to the Touring model, the power moves from 480 to 620 horsepower and brings in a second motor to give you AWD. This trim of the Air also offers AWD, 20-inch wheels, a glass canopy, Nappa leather upholstery, and navigation. The Grand Touring is more powerful at 800 horses, and it adds a 21-speaker premium audio system, 21-inch wheels, and the Dream Drive Pro suite of driver assistance features, including a hands-free mode.

You should expect expanded versions of all trims from the Lucid Air to show up in the Lucid Gravity lineup when it arrives for the 2024 model year. Adding an SUV is the next right thing for Lucid and puts this brand right in line with other top-end luxury EV brands.

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