If you’re looking for a way to add more to your advertising, you’ll want to use these TikTok ideas for car dealerships to improve your audience engagement.

Using TikTok to promote your brand and products can be the perfect way to grab your audience’s attention. This social media app limits your videos to only three minutes, which is ideal for most viewers. Using your profile on this app, you can direct users to your dealership website to learn more about what you’ve got to offer. Of course, you’ve got to start with some of the best ways to grab the attention of a large online audience.

Add Hashtags to Your Videos

Hashtags put your videos into categories and allow them to be seen in various places. Rather than simply allowing a general audience to view your videos, which have a limited reach, adding hashtags allows you to see your videos categorized, which is similar to creating a target audience. As a car dealership; you don’t need an audience several states away, you need to reach your potential local customers. Hashtags can help you accomplish this goal.

Give a Short Tour of Your Dealership Lot

Do you have new cars coming in every day? Whenever these new models arrive, post a TikTok video showing these new vehicles and what they offer. This is a great way to engage your audience and keep them interested in the various products coming to your location. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways for car dealerships to showcase what their potential customers want to see. The tour of the lot or the new models as they come off the truck won’t be long, which makes it easy to digest for your viewers.

It’s Not a Commercial, Don’t Make it One

Even though the end goal of your videos is to engage the audience and bring more people to the dealership to buy cars, if your posts turn into nothing more than a commercial for car sales, you won’t have an audience for long. Be authentic and honest with your videos and the content posted. The more candid your videos, the more your audience will trust you. The people want to have a peak behind the proverbial curtain; this is the ideal platform for you to give it to them.

Consistency is Extremely Important

Similar to the rest of your social media marketing campaigns, your TikTok posts should appear online in a consistent manner. There’s nothing wrong with some special posts when required but maintain a consistent schedule of posts that will show up as short videos on this platform. This will give your audience something to expect from your dealership regularly. Those car dealerships that don’t post regularly might have an early spike in viewers but will soon lose them because of their lack of consistency.

Car Buying Advice From Your Staff is Helpful

Selling cars isn’t as adversarial as many people are taught to think it can be. Most dealerships are trying to work with customers to find them the best car and the best deal. Unfortunately, when shoppers appear at the dealership and become overwhelmed, it can be a black eye on your dealership. One way to avoid this is to have your staff work up some videos with car buying advice for people buying their first car, upgrading to a new model, or ready to trade in their old vehicle.

Check Your Website for Mobile Friendliness

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can’t put TikTok to work to help your car dealership gain a larger audience. Using this social media platform is nearly entirely done on mobile devices, and when users click on the link to your dealership site, they expect to have an easy transition from one app to another using this link. If your site isn’t useful on this mobile device, most users will move on to something else.

What’s Going On At Your Dealership?

How can customers get to know the staff at your car dealership? One of the best ways to do this is with the short videos offered by this social media platform. The three-minute time limit means your team won’t be going too deep into a long speech but can give your audience some information and let them put names and faces together. You can take them around to see various activities in your dealership or where your team goes during the day to give your viewers a better idea of how your dealership works.

How-To Videos Are a Huge Hit?

Your how-to videos don’t have to be too long. Using TikTok, you can give your audience the hook that will lead them to your dealership’s YouTube channel. This is where they will find the full video and more complete directions to handle the desired task. If you can give your viewers some information that helps them, they will think of your team and your location next time they need car service or want to buy a vehicle.

What Goes into a Car Repair at Your Dealership?

Some people share myths about how car dealerships handle car repairs. Some think that auto techs aren’t actually working on the cars but pushing through as many orders as possible to create volume in the service center. Put these myths to rest by using this platform to show some of your service tech and how they work on cars. This is another way to give your audience more familiarity with your team and how they operate.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Purpose

The whole idea behind using TikTok for your car dealership is to sell more cars and bring more people to your location. While you can easily make silly, fun, and engaging videos, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re promoting your business and trying to engage an audience to buy cars. Offer a final call-to-action at the end of each video that will help your audience know that you want them to come and see your team.

Use these ten tips to improve the TikTok presence and audience engagement for your car dealership. These are proven ways for dealerships to get more views and higher engagement levels.

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