As a vehicle brand that has roots in the British automotive industry, you might think the only people chosen to be the spokespeople for this brand would be from Great Britain, but you’d be wrong. The brand has chosen a new ambassador to represent them and he is certainly not British, but he does play a sport that has been part of the heritage of the UK for many years and continues to be one of the most beloved sports in the world and he will be showing off the support and partnership with Jaguar soon.

Canadian tennis player and Wimbledon finalist Milos Raonic is the new global brand ambassador for the Jaguar brand. Last year Raonic made it to the finals of this tournament by beating David Goffin and Roger Federer before he lost to Andy Murray, who is also a fellow Jaguar ambassador. As Raonic looks to repeat this performance in hopes to win the tournament this year he will be ready to don garb that will bear the Jaguar logo on it to show off the brand during the same tournament this year. It seems Jaguar is looking to see Raonic back in the finals and hopes to see their logo once again be worn by the athlete that hosts the trophy.

As a brand this Montenegro-born tennis player has admired for many years, Jaguar has also provided Raonic with a Jaguar F-Pace to drive as part of the deal. The F-Pace is the official car of The Championships at Wimbledon and is one of the most impressive vehicles that you can enjoy on the road. Both the team at Jaguar and Raonic are excited and thrilled by this partnership in order to be a pairing that gives both an exciting way to participate in the events and show off.

This young and exciting tennis player is expected to have an excellent career and the team at Jaguar is looking to make this a long-term partnership in order to continue to aloe Raonic to be the face of Jaguar for many years. This means there will be a variety of tournaments in the future that will allow Raonic to show off the Jaguar logo in order to let the brand be shown off. As one of the top players in the world, there’s no doubt there will be many more tournaments where we’ll see this logo.

Whether you admire Jaguar or enjoy tennis or both, this is a partnership that will allow Raonic to be the face of Jaguar for several years going forward. We’ll no doubt see a variety of ads with his face on them and even commercials that will feature him as the leading man. Of course, the fact that he gets to drive around in the F-Pace and experience the pure luxury and quality performance of this SUV means he’ll also have some first-hand insight into what the F-Pace brings to the market and how it can be the right choice for you on the road.

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