Does TikTok offer the features and benefits that make it a good place for you to advertise your car dealership?

This is an important question to answer and one that you’ll need to consider before adding this social media platform to the mix. With more online uses watching videos than ever before, a social media platform based on video sharing could be exactly what you need to push your dealership to the top of the list.

Your Target Audience Might be Using TikTok

Even though you might look at this platform and think of it as the place where teenagers spend all of their time, you’ll be glad to know that 67.5 percent of users in America are over the age of 19. That means the people who are buying cars are going to be on this platform. You can reach this group and market to them if you use this platform.

This Social Media Platform is Growing

While TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms that you can use, it has quickly grown a huge following and has many users. It certainly helped that we had a lot of unused time on our hands during the pandemic lockdown, which gave many users the opportunity to explore this platform and offer some fun and active videos that others could enjoy.

What Does This Platform Consist Of?

At its core, this platform is a video-sharing app that allows you to show off crazy things you do around your house, advertise your business, or share information. The videos can be up to three minutes long, and you can share anything you want on this platform. Other users can react, comment, and give you feedback on the videos that you share and offer to them.

The Platform for All Generations

No matter your target audience, by the time you read this article, more of them are using this platform to connect with and share information with their friends and family. The joke may be that it’s only for Gen Z, but you’ll find plenty of Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers using this platform to connect as well. That means your target audience is found on this platform; why then should you hold back and not use it?

Many Car Dealers Don’t Understand Authenticity

This is not to say that you or your marketing team are unaware that many online users want an unfiltered experience, but when you watch a video you’re going to share, or you happen to review images that you’re adding to your content, the unfiltered items don’t often make the cut. That won’t work well when you’re using this platform.

The Best Videos for Car Dealers

No matter if it’s paid or organic content, the best advice we can give when it comes to using this platform for your dealership marketing is to offer an unfiltered and unpolished walkaround video. You can create a series of videos, which is a great idea for brand new models, and show them coming off the delivery truck, going on a walkaround, and when you take them out for a test drive. This gives users a virtual tour of your models that have just arrived.

TikTok should not be Your Main Social Network

With many followers on this platform and videos from this platform being shareable on other social media networks, you can easily weave your marketing from this social media site into the rest of your online offerings. Don’t allow it to be the primary social network you use; let it be the sprinkles on top of your marketing ice cream cone.

Make it Fun and let Uses Get to Know You

If you add this new platform to the marketing mix, after you’ve ensured all of your other online marketing is on point and buttoned up, you want to use TikTok to showcase the personality of your dealership to let users get to know you. You can build a following on this platform, much the same as other apps, and eventually, have a strong audience to share content with.

In Summary…

The main question is whether or not TikTok is any good for car dealers. In short, it can be. You’ll need to understand the type of audience on this platform and understand that other social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, are all more popular and more impactful than TikTok right now. Add this to your marketing mix, but don’t rely on it as the primary source of leads for your sales team.

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