2016 Buick Avenir

The premium automaker that has been working tirelessly for the past couple decades to find a way to attract a younger demographic has shown up at the Detroit Auto Show with a new sedan that might be its finest yet. As a maker of several high end sedans over its long and storied history Buick offers exceptional comfort in ride, style and seating inside all of its vehicles for all to enjoy. This has both been a blessing and a curse for many years as Buick was thought of as the vehicle brand for the older generations rather than for an up and coming young executive.

This change Buick has sought after for so long has been in the making for a while. With a full redesign to the entire lineup, some new names, and a brand new advertising campaign the Buick name is becoming more and more synonymous with style, grace, performance and athleticism; all features that appeal to just about every car buyer on the planet. Along with this redesign, the global reach, making a huge splash in China has led Buick to experience record sales in volume over the past few years.

This new flagship that Buick has chosen to unveil is the Avenir. The name means “future” and the car looks like it could easily be the future of the Buick brand of vehicles and compete at the top as a flagship sedan. With a front fascia that features the signature waterfall grill and a classic Buick emblem the look is all new, by tossing in a couple of features that have served the brand well for a vast number of years. Another features that has served well on Buick sedans is the sweep spear crease along the side of the car that gives the body a huge amount of style and intrigue.

The Avenir is built based on the Omega rear-wheel-drive platform and shows up at 204.5 inches in length, which is about eight inches longer than the LaCrosse sedan which is the current flagship of Buick. With all this upgrading and added features to the Avenir the only real question in play is to ask if the brand is ready for this bold step forward.

For some, the Avenir might look like a step backward to a time when the Buick line was simply larger, longer cars that were driven by older generations that were looking to have their cars offer a ton of space as well as a great deal of class and features that offer comfort to the driver and any passengers. The Avenir appears to be a large vehicle, but fits in very nicely with the current generation of great Buick vehicles that are made to attract a younger generation.

For the super high performing young executives, the Avenir will offer a ride in a true flagship sedan, which Buick has been missing for a while, that gives the comfort desired but also offers a huge amount of performance that will be enjoyed by all who ride in the vehicle. For those who are able to afford the Avenir, this car is going to be a joy to drive and ride in every single time it leaves the driveway.


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