As the owner of a car dealership, the bottom line for your business is figuring out how to drive more car sales.

The more cars you sell, the more you can bring in, the more revenue you can work with to bring in a larger team, expand, and grow. What you need to know is what strategies are being used to increase sales at other dealer locations.

Improve Your Marketing Mix

The online world is one of the most important places to put your attention when you want to increase the number of cars you sell every month. The online marketing you need to employ has many different facets to it. We are offering several tips and you need to put some attention to all of them to increase the car sales for your dealership. Let’s take a look at some great ideas for your dealership’s marketing team.

Customer Reviews are Extremely Important

Currently, the most important aspect of your online marketing has to do with the reviews you receive from customers. You want customers that are happy to fill out a review and add it online while also responding to those customers that have concerns. Reviews from customers are some of the most trusted elements of what your future customers will find online. Ask your digital team to pay special attention to the reviews being posted.

Are You Ranking at the Top of Search Engines?

If you’re not at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or even on the first page, you’ll see an incredible increase in car sales when you get there. Most of us don’t look past the first page of any search engine, especially Google. You want to be at the top and this means having the right SEO strategy employed by your digital marketing team. Here are some ways to bring your dealership to the top of search engines:

• Ensure your Google Ads account is structured correctly

• Use keywords related to your business

• Use ad extensions

• Include some negative keywords to block out irrelevant searches

• Allocate your budget properly

Ask the team you’re working with to focus not only on Google but on other search engines as well to ensure you reach the largest audience possible.

Target the Correct Automotive Customers

This is an opportunity to look at your car lot and ask yourself a few questions. What type of vehicles do you sell? What customers are looking for what you have for sale? Do you need to include descriptive terms in your keywords? If you sell mostly affordable used cars, that should be a big part of your marketing but if you sell high-end luxury models, you’ll want to focus on words that target those customers for you.

Bring In More Shoppers with Unique Offers

One of the best ways to bring in customers that might be on the fence about buying a new or used car is to give them some special offers. If you want to increase car sales, make it feel like your shoppers are receiving discounts and rebates for the vehicles you have for sale. This can create an environment buzzing with shoppers looking for a great deal.

Retarget to Revive Old Leads

You might have some old leads that weren’t followed up and you should ask yourself why? Use retargeting efforts based on what that lead told you to let these customers know you have cars they are interested in. Your retargeting could be via emails which may make the effort seem more personal to the person receiving the marketing from you.

Understand the Times When You Need to Increase Your Marketing Budget

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you know there are specific times of the year when more cars are sold than other times. Make sure you increase your budget and work closely with your digital marketing team to capitalize on car sales during these times of the year. Once this time has passed, you can’t get it back.

How Are You Going to Increase Your Car Sales?

Are you going to employ some of these tips and work with your marketing team to create new and better strategies to reach the right customers? Are you going to pay closer attention to your online reviews? Will you work to bring your dealership to the top of SERPs? Are you ready to dig up some of those old leads? Use these tips and help your team increase the revenue for your car dealership with these proven methods.

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